Pizza Deliveries Coming to Space?

NASA is paying for a study to use 3-D print technology for food preparation.
2:56 | 05/27/13

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Transcript for Pizza Deliveries Coming to Space?
Welcome to the -- everybody we're starting out the budget -- stuff because we're always hungry -- that we have to OK so check this out now. -- apparently. Paying -- 125000. Dollars for a study to start to use 3-D printing technology in food preparation interest and interesting is right which means that they could be printing out food in space as opposed to taking a prepackaged foods like. You see there are space and -- Making a -- analysts might -- need to act kind of like it was packed into my goodness. -- the military. That's the news saying they always on the balcony -- got great. So anyway and David early -- the principal and investigator when he is he's -- here is -- at three. Food items if that makes any sense they can add -- -- is there like inkjet devices. Which is kind of like the -- -- you -- had issues it raised pepperoni around the -- -- -- they can probably still eat it so it's. It's you know -- -- warm slightly crusty tight -- material with fake cheese and some kind of -- on hand that still sounds. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kelly tell you about high tech let's talk about this that night and the whole thing attack low tech. This guy may have wrote the best essay ever he was applying for a job at Taco Bell we don't really know much about it other than we have a shot of the application would you. Put up and this is -- as -- part. And it says. How did you find Taco Bell and it reads I was lost one night in the distance I spot in -- purple belt. And I thought to myself think outside the bun I read your doors and ask for the cheesy is -- -- -- you can make I was not to. -- -- -- -- -- -- The waves are in the right college application and then he did not say get a job I certainly hope he got that -- -- -- -- Easton seen here as Everett. I think he would research the products you know -- he's already out okay now talked all about it on our sleep deprived of the schedule here. You're gonna tell you how to -- -- me sleep. -- probably tell me are you ready okay now apparently the Wall Street Journal did a study and it says that. It can recover sleep it short term I'm thinking -- sees it as much as -- can. Ahead of time you -- you can have a bad -- is cloudy Cincinnati could never make a link that says he can't well then there is a catch. The catch is that the person is behind the study -- W crisper winter also says that this is thinks I'm very distant second resolution -- -- -- Taking what now for -- that it every day because your body can. Gets into the idea that -- every day -- I think for a -- -- starts to outlying counties 25 minute nap I need at least forty blue. A lot but to -- that had never met the same time every day and don't inexplicably doesn't mark. We'll be -- them.

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{"id":19263948,"title":"Pizza Deliveries Coming to Space?","duration":"2:56","description":"NASA is paying for a study to use 3-D print technology for food preparation.","url":"/WNN/video/pizza-deliveries-coming-space-19263948","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}