What Are Pop-Up Picnics?

A new kind of party is sweeping the U.S. - a fresh twist on fine dining with a bit of mystery involved!
3:11 | 08/31/16

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Transcript for What Are Pop-Up Picnics?
Hey you know the resist. This is OJ in the area it's heads up play must but I thought if about it and I think scary. Well did you do arrest and another guy who fakes saying they knew kind of party sweeping the USA am not sure our dance moves would be welcome hand president loves fine dining Al fresco complete with a multi course court may meal. White linen and district just cut you can only Wear white and. Here's a twist you never know words going to be until the day before it happens if we see Serena Marshall checked out the latest pop up picnic. The nation's capital. It's a river of light thousands of party goers lugging their chairs tables and coolers for dinner party destination. Unknown yeah the detention center you know right I think it's going to be an. It happens every year thousands of strangers coming together for a night of dinner and dancing. Demand along the sophistication and elegance of French ties society. And up pop up picnic in more than seventy cities worldwide. From Paris where it all began to Hong Kong and for the third year in Guerrero the US capitol the before party begins there is the anticipation. Gave birth has been hosting a table of the DC event since it began. He's the only one in this group that actually knows where they are going well I can't tell you better. You're welcome. Organizers didn't even show the location or date until the day before and then the day he tells the table leaders. So I am super excited to tell you that for the first time ever we have gotten permission to do dinner and long on the national. The whole group only discovering when they arrived in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial I could be more ecstatic and let it let them that I first. Dinner starting with a wave hold they claimed our long it takes to put this hi I'm still might I just every areas and and you know I tell my friends who might want to come. Franz what has ga begin event back in the eighties asking friends to dress and white so those who didn't know each other could easily identified a group. But for the event is gone global keeping it a secret is the hard part. Call 800 people and didn't know where the evidence in front Alex and Laurie Garrett I didn't he got he got a big thing. Honestly sometimes I forget where he hasn't yet talked about not looking ten at the location was never made. Win dinner and sparklers light at this time gains another aren't all right ten in the event and I am Paraguayan. Other rules for the party participation is mandatory 12 hours PP regardless of the weather no fast food gourmet meals only. And was all the rules comes critics calling the event overly pretentious and exclusive. But rolls in critics aside for the attendees at tonight's dinner it's clear. Tonight is going to be a good night for the big benefit. What brings them together. And after that last bottom hates rank and dancing is done just as quickly disappeared. Off. Until next year Serena Marshall ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"A new kind of party is sweeping the U.S. - a fresh twist on fine dining with a bit of mystery involved!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41764958","title":"What Are Pop-Up Picnics?","url":"/WNN/video/pop-picnics-41764958"}