Powerball Winners: Video Out of Possible Winners

Two videos appear of winners in the largest lottery jackpot ever.
2:16 | 11/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Powerball Winners: Video Out of Possible Winners
Mystery winners of the biggest powerball -- -- ever this morning we still don't know for sure who will split 587. Million dollar jackpot. It's not us -- but it already looks like we have gotten a glimpse of one of the two winners just as he learned the good news and self. ABC's to -- rally joins us now -- Washington and we if the latest certainly this picture tells the story good morning tomorrow this. This is remarkable stuff robbed inside another lottery officials they are tight lipped but speculation is growing. A Missouri man has come forward. And you're about to see video of another guy at the moment he realizes he's rich. Could this man be America's newest multimillionaire. To be clear the names of the powerball jackpot winners have not been released. But this surveillance video obtained by ABC affiliate WJ LA from a gas station and Upper Marlboro -- -- shows a man perhaps a construction worker realizing his life is about to change. The clerk and customers at the Exxon station say the man showed them a ticket with all six winning numbers matching the 587. And a half million dollar powerball jackpot. It couldn't believe that you just ecstatic when is everybody -- -- he -- seeing things the -- city bought the ticket in Arizona one of the two winning tickets was sold in Arizona. I -- in saying he wasn't. And he. -- to take it -- -- really well. Lottery officials in the other winning state Missouri have verified the winner from there and plan to shed light on the person or persons who won later today. The winning ticket was so here -- -- Smart. The only gas station in the small town of -- burned a farming community with a population of just 496. When -- Who want. Residents are eyeing each other wondering if their neighbor is now -- having. Something -- -- This man says his father 52 year old mark -- a resident of your bird is the winner by just got a phone call this morning news an area. -- -- -- Was it's. Mark kill announced on FaceBook that he is the winner but everyone will keep guessing about the Missouri and the Arizona -- until official word from the lottery.

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{"id":17844341,"title":"Powerball Winners: Video Out of Possible Winners","duration":"2:16","description":"Two videos appear of winners in the largest lottery jackpot ever.","url":"/WNN/video/powerball-winners-video-winners-17844341","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}