A Pregnant Mother Enters Her Unborn Child into a Beauty Pageant

An English woman enters child in utero into a beauty pageant ? and she wins.
3:00 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for A Pregnant Mother Enters Her Unborn Child into a Beauty Pageant
Welcome into the mix everyone we have a -- to start up and makes that might get some. Well a little upset some people like me maintain -- -- -- -- permanent. And England has decided that she is going to -- her her children into pageants right he's done this pageant has done this is one of her other children. She's -- of -- well she. Who was seven months pregnant exactly -- -- my pregnancy news she was having a girl and she entered her unborn child into a pageant. Patrick Little girl that's literally heard if you can preschool when they come out of that happens is well especially in places like -- New York where their high you know Perry right a highway -- -- So the child was born July 23 she weighed seven pounds seven ounces she is absolutely adorable -- -- six V8 days after she was born in Amman dressed her up and carried her down the catwalk. To be -- she didn't win anything but mom says she put any maid -- -- she's a little too young for that she's only sixty days old at that point he's nine months old now. And very habit she had decided that this is what she wants to do with her child and she. Doesn't care if she wins and loses so long as she gains a little confidence she also says that her daughter later on in my -- that she doesn't want to do this. But that's fine with her positive or criticizing her for going a little overboard with the -- that got has no make up. I'll say that right but that it seems to live. They know likening it didn't tell the parent rights -- parents can just let their kids and taken to get pictures your thinking my older can you be eating contest it would just seem less Ellis and scary -- beauty pageant hasn't had a lot of stuff going on and still -- -- yeah. That's our dads all right. Well that many in the -- the domain of women I would think tremendous amount due and but anyway they -- take it out of the realm of women and like metro guys and make it a manly things that this guy in Los Angeles who's starting a nail salon for men. Also just think -- got big leather chairs CNN com will be complimentary glass of Scotch and fear they got like that sports -- on on the monitor us. It's an X-Men only be CEO Michael Elliott told the fashion -- dot com that. -- wanna keep that away from gossip being in the feeling of ladies you know talking about them when they come in because he had experience going to nail salons and felt as. Uncomfortable and he wants to make it something where a man can feel comfortable so this is opening up -- Los Angeles and the ideas of the catches up. May -- to concept that will. We all over America. Would you do right now now now now climbed mount my opinion I -- Our -- check it out we've all. Called in sick and maybe haven't been a 100% say never never ever ever ever Alexander Wright never ever -- we don't call -- -- gonna tell -- there's a website -- surveyed a bunch of employees and hiring managers and found. I'm calling out -- -- all kinds of reasons. Just -- out of the car. These around. The door to speak English --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"An English woman enters child in utero into a beauty pageant ? and she wins.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"20711031","title":"A Pregnant Mother Enters Her Unborn Child into a Beauty Pageant","url":"/WNN/video/pregnant-mother-enters-unborn-child-beauty-pageant-20711031"}