New presenters and performers announced for Oscars

The list includes members of the "Black Panther" cast, Queen and Adam Lambert. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
2:54 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for New presenters and performers announced for Oscars
Saturday just. Four days before days away from Hollywood's biggest night of the year so we're learning more about the Oscars ceremony would know posts. Our world ends is here to post that's with information about. What's gone on with this show. Oh yeah I am here to host you guys and hopefully the Oscars producers will see how good I am now an ax to meet you come in last minute to say this out. Public injured right except. Luck that's right there guys there is no host this year but like a James Cameron movie. The list of presenters and performers at the Oscars keeps on getting along the and long that. With producers hoping an all star lineup. We'll hit all the right notes with viewers. He Academy Awards finding some musicians still. Announcing that queen and Adam Lambert will perform at Sunday night's ceremony. In honor of best picture nominee bohemian rhapsody. As the academy seemingly says no host no problem the rock legends joined a new slate of all star prisoners just announced today go rewrite and Michael B Jordan joining their previously announced black panther co stars Angela Bassett and Chad with Bozeman. Another avenger Paul Rudd added to the all star lineup crazy rich Asian star Michelle Yeoh. Joining previously announced prisoners ot what Fina and Constance blue. He's not look like Sebastian of the little firmly you know locker got the breakout star of eighth grade LC Fisher joining the lineup site. Don't do wearing quietly do it and Academy Award winners Michael Keaton and Helen Mir and plus John Bellini Tyler Perry and singer for a Williams will grace the stage. As far as performances go. Bette Midler will sing the place where loss things go for Mary Poppins. If Oscar's history repeats itself. Jennifer Hudson will likely bring down the house when she performs all flights from our DG. And it isn't an award show without lady got got. She's performing shallow and fellow Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper. All those stars getting red carpet ready and so as Los Angeles. That infamous block of Hollywood boulevard they look at our right there is already shut down forty ahead of did the big show and the red carpet itself set to be rolled out a little bit leaders this week so we'll be going. So excited you know love your let me read I. I'll tell us what you're wearing a hole in much the little mind to see me it's. Students.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"The list includes members of the \"Black Panther\" cast, Queen and Adam Lambert. ABC News' Will Ganss reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61183866","title":"New presenters and performers announced for Oscars","url":"/WNN/video/presenters-performers-announced-oscars-61183866"}