President Obama and the First Lady to Meet British Royals

The Obamas meet two generations of the Royal Family, as Britain faces a big decision about its future.
2:15 | 04/22/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Obama and the First Lady to Meet British Royals
Across the pond President Obama has arrived in London after his visit Saudi Arabia and he has quite a pact royal itinerary for today. Checking out what's in store for the president ABCs are led signs is live in London good morning I let. Good morning Ryan and Diana President Obama is expected to get a royal welcome. Meeting not only the queen but also the next generation of royal stars. Residue in Obama steps into we will frenzy when he meets with two generations of the royal family. In his third and likely final trip to London. Obama's schedule isn't ruling elite packed the president and First Lady kick off the game over lunch with Queen Elizabeth. One day after she celebrated turning ninety with a walk around Windsor. And never over intimate meal at Windsor Castle the obamas will extend a personal birthday greeting to Britain to longest serving monarch and. Each time. The president has come away with and even deeper Herschel affectionate. For her she's an important symbol. A country with two the United States has. Special relationships. The first time they met mrs. Obama caused a stir committing a royal no known by hugging the country's queen. Today it seemed different royal reading that could steal the spotlight. The UK's young power couple hosting the leader of the free world. Prince William Kate Middleton and prince hairy. Are welcoming the obamas for dinner act Kensington Palace the Obama couple has struck up close relationship with the rising stars of the royal family. Welcoming prince William and Prince Harry to the White House between those royal meals President Obama is set to meet with British prime minister David Cameron. Their encounter comes two months before the British people decide whether the UK should he beat the European Union. A move present in Obama opposes. President Obama is expected to wade into that today he's already writing in op Ed in today's telegraph where he writes the European Union doesn't moderate British influence it magnifies it. This will come up at his press conference with prime minister Cameron and it's sure to ruffle a few feathers here in London Diane and Ryan. A busy day in store ABC's are let signs that live in London are I think you.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"The Obamas meet two generations of the Royal Family, as Britain faces a big decision about its future.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38591796","title":"President Obama and the First Lady to Meet British Royals","url":"/WNN/video/president-obama-lady-meet-british-royals-38591796"}