President Obama to Meet Israeli Prime Minister

ABC News' Alex Marquardt has the latest on the president's high profile trip to the mideast.
2:58 | 03/20/13

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Transcript for President Obama to Meet Israeli Prime Minister
The historic visit by President Obama to Israel it's the first time mr. Obama has visited the Jewish state during his presidency. He'll be greeted in Tel Aviv by top Israeli leaders and then whisked into a series of high level meetings. A trip is expected to be rich in symbolism the centerpiece will be a speech by the president of the Israeli people to pledge friendship and security. What committees in turmoil and because of so much uncertainty in the region this trip is a high profile one ABC's Alex mark what is in Jerusalem where the president meets with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu today. Alex good morning this trip we hear so much about symbolism is that just code for not a lot of substance break it down for us. Well good morning I think you're absolutely right district -- about what they hope to accomplish in terms of policy and diplomacy. And the actual symbolism of coming here. -- -- the first time President Obama has visited Israel and the Palestinian territories as president. And now a prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama. Are starting in terms and of course are major regional issues to be discussed the White House is calling. A broad strategic conversation that will focus on Syria Iran and the Israeli Palestinian peace process. Of course -- the most pressing issues reached two countries today. So Alex that this is more about symbol is -- -- what progress can possibly expect from the president's meetings with the Israelis and the Palestinians. Well Coca reissued it will be discussed on this trip hasn't -- one -- the least progress is expected to be made an act. Expectations ever really been lowered by the White House they made it very clear since the -- was announced that they are coming here with any grand plan any new vision to get the peace process back on track. It hasn't budged in more than two years. And it will be discussed at the president's meetings -- called prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian president Mahmoud pot -- -- -- -- -- sides are optimistic at this point. Negotiators will be back table anytime soon. Alex let's talk about Syria the president clearly must have as I on the country especially after news that rebel fighters there. Might actually have -- chemical weapons now. Yeah Syria is probably most immediate concern for both the US and Israel specifically to threat of those chemical weapons falling into the wrong and that you mentioned. The US and Israel will be looking to clarify each other's positions what action will be taken in various scenarios and by whom. Israel for example has already attacked a weapon convoy in Nigeria earlier this year. That was destined are headed to their enemy Hezbollah so while the US doesn't want to get involved in another war in the Middle East. -- will be a discussion about where they achieved -- civil war and Syria heading toward chaos and Syria could mean. For Israel and -- the region.

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{"id":18769788,"title":"President Obama to Meet Israeli Prime Minister","duration":"2:58","description":"ABC News' Alex Marquardt has the latest on the president's high profile trip to the mideast.","url":"/WNN/video/president-obama-meet-israeli-prime-minister-18769788","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}