President Trump to get first physical exam

ABC News' Jordyn Phelps reports on what to expect ahead of the president's first health exam.
2:38 | 01/12/18

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Transcript for President Trump to get first physical exam
We're gonna start with the president. But not for what you thought we're gonna start with his first presidential physical exam which is today and so far very little actually known about the president's health. It's also unclear how much more will really know in today's exam is over anything Jordan Phelps reports. The bar was set high during the presidential campaign. Donald Trump's doctor cleaning you would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. Is an army regularly taking shots at his opponent isn't it president. You need tremendous. Physical and mental strength and stamina. Hillary Clinton does it have. That strength or stamina but leave me now each year into the job the 71 year old president we'll have his own physical fitness tested. Heading to Walter Reed today for his first check up in office. I think he's going to be overwhelmed here beaver is a president doesn't. He better go well as the stock market. Many past presidents have done the same some releasing the results to the public to show that they were fit for office. Everything from the president's week in cholesterol to what medications he takes and the results of a long list of exams. Including heart lungs and neurological. When test the White House says won't be part of the check up is a psychiatric exam. During the campaign trump only released limited. And even admitted to Dr. Oz that he is not the image of perfect health. You're you're you're 63236. Pounds as I mentioned that I'd in my mind I'm thinking your body surface area. And Europe BMI is high is probably close to thirty which is sort of the barrier for people in the year doctors or your family to be a hard time about to wait. Yes I think hated losing weight I have always been a little bit this way. You know as for his lifestyle trump does not drink or smoke. But his love for jumpsuit is well documented. Even his daughter Baraka expressing concern about her father's diet to Barbara Walters. If there is one thing you could change about Jeff what would it then I wanted to eat healthy. Yeah oh yeah. Hater I don't martyrdom. Yeah. Outside of his trips to the golf course trump is not known to exercise and has reportedly described his body as being like a battery with a finite energy supply. The White House hasn't committed to making me detailed summary of results of the physical available to the public like some of the president's predecessors have. But the White House will make the president's physician available to reporters for questions at Tuesday's briefing. Kenneth and Maggie turner thanks in Jordan there at the White House.

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{"id":52302458,"title":"President Trump to get first physical exam ","duration":"2:38","description":"ABC News' Jordyn Phelps reports on what to expect ahead of the president's first health exam.","url":"/WNN/video/president-trump-physical-exam-52302458","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}