President Trump's health care ultimatum

The president warned members of Congress that they have one shot to pass the American Health Care Act.
3:06 | 03/24/17

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Transcript for President Trump's health care ultimatum
The president's health care bill possibly on the brink of failure the boat scheduled for last night postponed due to lack of support. Okay so we expected this would be a long morning rate there on Capitol Hill the lights thereon but apparently. A lot of the congressional leaders have left because he notes going to be a long. Friday so many are wondering whether they have the votes. To pass this bill later on today. President trump has issued a one and done ultimatums and if the bill fails to pass today. Obamacare will remain in the law of the land ABC's this arena is here now with a preview of what's coming up next to me in the morning and good morning guys this forget the art of the deal this is the art of the repeal. The background. Saying it's time to get it done Armin Von. Hill appeared chaos. Resident drunk trying to close the deal with an ultimatum. Vote Friday or leave obamacare in place. Threats came after an expected Thursday vote on the bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act was delayed until today Republican lawmakers and gathering for a late night huddled trying desperately to come to an agreement. So what's your response to negotiations seem to be over. Unfortunately but gonna pass and it doesn't it's gonna pats. But I a lot of passion and a vote. Then beating a last ditch effort by Republicans to get the altar conservative freedom cock is on board. It follows an all out scrambled Thursday from canceled conferences yeah. To the White House the president and vice presidents summoning lawmakers to work it out president trump was confident they get it done Thursday. House is voting to repeal. And replace. The disaster known as obamacare. We'll see what happens going to be very close at this point is apparent acknowledgment perhaps it does need to be heavy snow pack planning. When they didn't Trump's top aides trekking to the hill with a presidential ultimatum. Get it done lawmakers offering changes to the bill hoping to shore up that magic 216 number needed to pass the house the concessions to conservatives. Revisions to lower premiums would language that gets rid of a requirement that insurance companies cover basic health services. But maternity care and substance abuse treatment. And wellness checkups while dedicating an additional fifteen billion dollars for states to address their own health care needs those changes in making a harder for moderate Republicans to support it on Fox News Thursday night. Press Secretary Sean Spicer saying this is it says this is to train. This lead in the station this is the choice in lieu of making four. This is the pledge that people of Maine the American people are speaker Paul Ryan leaving a late night meeting promising today is the day percent. Fears. We could talk. Face from his throw him off. And is literally do more than build die is among Republicans it may have offered concessions to get the freedom caucus on board. A new quinnipiac poll shows only 17% of Americans approve of the legislation derails it be given a very close in this arena thanks so much about.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"The president warned members of Congress that they have one shot to pass the American Health Care Act.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"46345283","title":"President Trump's health care ultimatum","url":"/WNN/video/president-trumps-health-care-ultimatum-46345283"}