Presidential Election Walk-Up Songs

One of the tough tasks for Presidential campaigns is finding the right theme song that best fits the candidate. ABC's Arlette Saenz reports.
4:36 | 08/26/16

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Transcript for Presidential Election Walk-Up Songs
Car that's relaxed sensibility that. Hard core Hampton at significant equipment that the dissidents the all right so that's doing that Donald Trump red Hillary Clinton hope to soon be playing for them. Of course before they can get to the White House the presidential candles and candidates rather have a have a lot of music they have to go through. Along the way BC's Ireland sizes here with more that a look at. Morning the morning as you know we all have that moment where you hear a song in just can't get it out of your hats. And it's no different on the campaign trail where a catchy song is basically presidential requirement. This presidential campaign has seen plenty of controversy is. From Hillary Clinton's email scandal that was mistake I'm sorry about that to Donald Trump's immigration sweats the clapping and now there's a heated debate over. A song the political Twitter sphere a lit up after this story Hillary Clinton's fight song is driving some people nuts. For the past year Clinton's unofficial team has played at rallies on re peat overt. It. Andover. And over. The song played so much some people can't take it anymore one reporter tweeted last week I told the traveling Hillary press that I still liked fight song and they ordered me off the plane. Others are defending it. Senator Chris Murphy tweeted I like fight song a lot Hillary Clinton should keep it. But I also listened to the first Nicholas Shea solo album on reach peak so there's that. Whether you love them or hate them catchy tune to become a requisite for presidential campaigns starting an 1840 when William Henry Harrison campaigned with two beacon new and Tyler two more recently Bill Clinton went with Fleetwood Mac. John McCain liked to play this curious Disco hits. That's right John McCain was Alba. And Barack Obama chose a throwback team for the soulful Stevie Wonder. But selecting a song to defining campaign isn't an easy task in a museum documentary Mitt Romney aide will Ritter recalls laughing when someone suggested kid rock's born free. I feel because as far as you know Kid Rock I would never passed south of I looked at the lyrics and it was surprisingly really appropriate. And went on from there. Fights on May be Clinton's unofficial anthem but she also locked entrance of the infectious pop Haiti carried. Trump draws from a wide ranging mixes songs. He's declared victory to clean. Shaken hands to Pavarotti. And walked out of a plane tune jock jams. Yeah. It's. Several artists ranging for Neil Young. To The Rolling Stones have sent the GOP nominees cease and desist letters. But often times. Can't keep doing what he wants. Now despite that cease and desist letter Donald Trump actually did play you can't always get we want when he walked off stage in Manchester today. As for Hillary Clinton Reno. She talked upstaged it ain't no mountain high enough so she decided not to play fight song we don't know if that's because the debate that was going on her earlier this week will we will definitely be keeping an I. On if she plays that song next time she walks off stage and musical flip flop. Painting. Spent stand up comic cannot aim higher. Just listening though I knew look at the centerpiece and the Pavarotti son as Rosie is in the like a pretty graphic murder scene in the godfather movie that is if. I want government at a truck rally and kind of wondering why is he plain mentally I just tried to depict what the political risk has been like he's going to be always. But the problem with this song is that you can't get it out of your head so distant hope he would that can we play. The fight song. Just you have to. As your your warm on this Friday morning. Thank you I wish she would go to the Katy Perry a little laugh that's my favorites like this out. Like flake says you know and wow if outlived his isn't well no.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"One of the tough tasks for Presidential campaigns is finding the right theme song that best fits the candidate. ABC's Arlette Saenz reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41665968","title":"Presidential Election Walk-Up Songs","url":"/WNN/video/presidential-election-walk-songs-41665968"}