Prince Michael Gets His First Job

Michael Jackson's oldest son gets a job for "Entertainment Tonight."
3:00 | 02/19/13

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Transcript for Prince Michael Gets His First Job
Welcome back everybody this story had a whole staff talking this morning just yet our agency we -- before where. TV folks more TV networks -- high error. You know the children at a very famous people to come dude was on air work -- whatever like Chelsea Clinton and I imagine a bush had a job in TV okay. Anyway guess who is the latest -- join those ranks and Michael Jackson is all this. Price. Is now working for Entertainment Tonight there he is he's now sixteen years -- -- I do question. Child labor laws and oh yeah. He's not a full of don't just yet but anyway all this week they endgame tonight announced on Monday. That is made -- and all air correspondent he's eldest child of course of Michael Jackson. And he says quote I'm looking -- did I'm looking to become. Well rounded as a producer director screenwriter and actor and so guess this is his break into the business -- to -- the family resemblance of Michael gadget. Anyway so but apparently this is his new gig he's going to be there at least for the week you know I wonder if it's a real career started whether you know what -- -- in TV world -- this is a stunt but. Michael Jackson's. Yeah -- are kind of work these days yeah. -- doesn't it nice kid but little. You know I don't how do you do if you're if you're an artist and you're being in April in that I can't get our -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- I assume. Why every American in any. Case so we honor that staying kids staying right. -- at a bar karaoke bar and experience. Malibu place called -- they have and that. And he. Quick trip that you know what's on that isn't who sings it altogether -- music trivia how you drive me crazy Fine Young Cannibals years ago -- There was absolutely -- put him. And I found out the little loud people know you can't -- Hussein and now my. Yeah okay. -- -- -- Also we what does president congratulations. To -- Of the Black Eyed Peas and she is pregnant to take a look at -- and -- Didn't this Twitter picked the right here that she -- this is Photoshop and that is certainly on the right and her husband whose -- I always mispronounce album eleven Josh. I should do well to get that it may be done now to mail so much I'm sorry about -- that. -- a little kid -- ended up both of them as little kids. As he read -- -- it said Josh and Lee and baby makes three she announced it earlier this month she is the pregnancy -- -- -- congratulations a couple of got married. In January of 2009. She's 37 B is -- of the girl in similar ways -- brings new life into the war. That's double the gonna make a really cute kid that didn't mean Maria -- yeah and they're both good looking people. Speaking a whole new kind of leading loved the. -- I'm glad that will. Quickly -- want to show the picture which is not -- -- -- by the way it Jane Fonda. And now she is delaying dvds for people who worked at you know older. This is called AMP and -- got there she is from back in the day looking hot and now she's still. -- that many here Arlington DVDs -- -- out. Why -- at 32 I can't even do that I was gonna say Jay still has room where she was. She still looks good genes can be added to her -- lot of jobs -- mostly on the have to work a miracle. -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- who.

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{"id":18534670,"title":"Prince Michael Gets His First Job","duration":"3:00","description":"Michael Jackson's oldest son gets a job for \"Entertainment Tonight.\"","url":"/WNN/video/prince-michael-job-18534670","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}