Prince Philip funeral details

Ahead of his funeral service Saturday, ABC News' Will Ganss looks back on his legacy.
3:08 | 04/16/21

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Prince Philip ever the foil to his wife to clean. Was not known for his subtlety from practicing polo on a bicycle to flying high above Windsor Castle. Instead it was an amazing in Paris he risks for the do you not sort of direct mask so he had this capacity. CB the sort of odds are came in the room stirred everybody up relentless attempts I met Adam Kennedy's. The duke of Edinburgh was instrumental in modernizing the royal family becoming the first royal to give a TV interview in 1961. It was Philip who push to have the queen's coronation televised something you might remember from the crown. It's because of who contends. You Woodcrest. Now after his passing family and friends are sharing stories about the man behind the tidal. Like the time he comforted a two year old JFK junior after his father died. In Washington DC for his father's funeral Jackie Kennedy found a prince sprawled on the floor playing and laughing with her young son to keep him company. The duke was a lifelong fan of cars. His hearse will be a custom forest green jaguar or Land Rover that he worked with the company to create years ago. And other details now trickling out about Saturday afternoon's funeral princes William and Harry able both be president walking behind their grandfathers casket. But not together. In between and their cousin Peter Phillips the son of princess Dan. Prince Philip is also behind all of the music selections which will be son. By four singers who will be separate from the royal congregation the ceremony will take place at saint George's chapel in Windsor Castle. And will be closed to the public and only attended by close family members and friends a far cry from the funeral of king Edward the seventh back in 1910. On Saturday a total a boldly thirty guests. One of those guess the countess Mountbatten of Windsor penny net apple she's been one of the closest friends of the dukes for decades. Palace staff call penny doubtful and also because she has. Automatically added to all the late princes guest list for decades she was his carriage driving partner. As a friend to the queen as well one of very few guests who is an out blood relative of the do you guys. I'm just incredible to see out the different story to hear the different stories JFK story on the tape let me. Yet I definitely and also I'm thing about. Harry and William this morning because you're either gonna be separate walking out I hope that's just like some day your potential protocol thing whatever and it's not because of any tension because. President about the mother their princes di and you know what we think about what's happening right now outside really really hope that's not the case but it still Govett. Here is clear bullets inch assuming you reflect back on princess Di's funeral remember both Brothers were there but in between Dan. Was Prince Philip so it's kind of a full circle moment now. This weekend that is and they both released statements saying glowing things about their grandfather to get to remember this is as their grandfather great to them it's just. The realm father and that there are gonna miss them.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Ahead of his funeral service Saturday, ABC News' Will Ganss looks back on his legacy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77112633","title":"Prince Philip funeral details","url":"/WNN/video/prince-philip-funeral-details-77112633"}