Prince William Goes the Selfie Route

A young fan gets a special gift from Prince William.
3:00 | 01/03/14

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Transcript for Prince William Goes the Selfie Route
I could never get enough for the royals. -- yeah I'm really into them and I love this story Prince William. Gets into the south the action -- -- there's a twelve year old girl on Christmas Day who really wanted to photo. -- have with the royal family and so Prince William steps and this is this going to see right here and takes a -- I believe there you got a look at the shot and -- this action was her first royal choice she really wanted to photo with Queen Elizabeth so William was number two. But what is up with the royal family in southeast Prince William was beat out by his father. Who earlier this month -- -- stealthy with and that's a schoolboy. So I guess a royal family is really into southeast and embracing the technology. That's interesting Aaron -- the Obama -- you remember Obama yeah with European -- there -- At Mandela's funeral on this some controversy Toobin good to see -- when they're kicking back and in keeping it real. Here is someone who knows how to keep it real Lady Gaga like you've never seen her before they'll wait. Actually had seen -- like this before but it's just another occasion -- a little more -- and -- -- this Lady Gaga tweets added a New Year's message for all of her fans. They sing sing happy new years from house of gaga and Versace you know she's a -- spokesperson for -- G. She to -- -- -- sexy photo of her with a blond hair strategically placed over. Let's say other parts of her body. You know -- knows how to make -- make a splash in society she just doesn't I don't Twitter. And and maybe it's a good PR move for Versace as well. Did you see here on Saturday Night Live she was really -- -- I -- really good. I'd also Ricky Martin he unfortunately sad news he's splitting with his boyfriend who when he came out it -- was in 2010. He instead this is is what at a time they have five year old twins together -- says that. They continue to be united by friendship and their shared experiences. But it seems like the couple. According to that statement had sort of drifted to. -- part they're spending very little time together according to a source so unfortunately they've broken up -- -- when. Couples like makeup but yeah. Well that I. You know -- -- forces to this part of the skinny for such a long time I saw this photo. And. Listen to reverend doctor Quinn medicine while the request -- -- CR yeah Nancy Morrison Jane Seymour is now 62 years old bishop Daly and this is hurt technologies and know in a bikini. 62 years old is on the cover of closer weekly. -- talks about how she's in better shape now. Then she was back when she was -- illegal -- films she's actually bond girls remember him. -- -- evidence that she talks about how she exercises three times a day she's -- very very really your body. How -- there's there's no indication that this has been photo -- Wow and so what's her what's your secret again. -- she works out -- she does. She exercised for an hour date only three times a week so she's not even more of these people -- in the gym every single day she's watching what she's eating. She -- light -- she doesn't called. -- gyro or guide -- electronics. It's kind of machine basing that blend stretching exercising. -- look at those results 62 years old that is an inspiration I think it is but. You know drives me nuts when the celebrities say like just do yoga and they eat clean -- -- yoga puts -- -- I don't I. No I just how people this week high demand on stimulus. Amanda and I can commit ideal venue in -- -- with yoga I'm not I'm not -- -- just saying that it's. How do you lose -- I don't get it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A young fan gets a special gift from Prince William.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21408195","title":"Prince William Goes the Selfie Route","url":"/WNN/video/prince-william-selfie-route-21408195"}