Prisoners in 'Shark Tank' like competition are defying expectations

A company is offering inmates the chance to partner with business leaders in the hopes of launching start-ups. ABC's Liz Kreutz reports.
3:08 | 03/14/17

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Transcript for Prisoners in 'Shark Tank' like competition are defying expectations
We're just gonna jam out today. Halftime it's tropical because one company is taking care of billionaire not only for themselves but also. For people with criminal histories it's interesting if I think the shark tank for criminals ABC's list courts with the details. Timothy Jackson has spent the last eight years eight months in eight days in prison I was incarcerated war. So when Zimmerman Harlem. Gang enhancement. Officers towards. But on his final day inside to California city correctional facility at 35 year old is preparing to become known as something other than a former inmates. An option for new or blue yeah. Blue wall Timothy is part of defied ventures a training program that helps incarcerated men and women develop and launch their own start that's. The program includes five months of classes and culminates in a shark tank style pitch competition judged by successful venture capitalists and CEO of. Entrepreneurs and training have incredibly innovative idea is everything from a guy started a criminal a delicious granola bar company to. Content body one of our best known businesses it's a prison style fitness boot camp company. She was just one of about ninety at a spell inmates to recently make his pitch to help it was in the company and what we do quite that soon after getting off to a rocky start. Then bring. Yeah. Timothy got back on track with an environment of awareness eventually making it to the semi finals then the finals. Ultimately winning spot can't place in the entire competition. Announcements made later that night during the graduation ceremony with the family where the students many wearing a counting down for the first time in their lives. CN BA's certificate from Baylor University. Semis are warning thing it's too far from being wine watching our men and women believe in themselves and tonight at the graduation and their families start to believe in them that's amazing. Activities Stanley they're in for even greater surprise his mom and girlfriend came teach your mind but still don't know the biggest news of fall didn't. Is boom convoluted. Progressive government it is it is okay. Other graduate spent time catching up in celebrating with their families. Timothy went back to pack up his things feeling more ready than ever about his next chapter. Didn't go home proud of. Rhino this program is in prisons in California new York and Nebraska and they're launching in Mississippi and Colorado later this year. There's also a post release program and this is to help inmates like Timothy stay on course and in theory jump start their own business once they get out of prison. This Grey's ABC news Los Angeles. Awesome to see them turning lives around and getting a little help and oppressed us you never know you'll see the next. Bill Gates for Mark Zuckerberg and me.

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{"id":46113491,"title":"Prisoners in 'Shark Tank' like competition are defying expectations","duration":"3:08","description":"A company is offering inmates the chance to partner with business leaders in the hopes of launching start-ups. ABC's Liz Kreutz reports.","url":"/WNN/video/prisoners-shark-tank-competition-defying-expectations-46113491","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}