Prop 8 Announcement Brings on Celebrity Engagements

Celebrities of all sexual orientations waited until after Prop 8 went down to announce engagements.
3:10 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for Prop 8 Announcement Brings on Celebrity Engagements
Skinny -- and after the landmark decision by the Supreme Court. Rule in favor of gay marriage wedding bells are a fly in for lots of people including a bunch of celebrities let's talk about Kristen Bell she asked Dax Shepard -- marry her on Twitter. On Wednesday in celebration of the Supreme Court ruling. -- got engaged in 2009 after years dating they've vowed to wait until gay marriages legal in the home state of California. Gesture of respect to that close friends so it's -- also another celebrity Melissa Etheridge announcing plans to marry. After the prop eight victory she says I'm looking forward to marrying my partner three years -- -- get married in the state of California. Love is love America is beautiful I am proud to be in America. That sweet you know I think a lot more on this is going to happen there are other couples and other celebrity couples at a -- of the same -- and they're gonna wait. Before they do anything one of them very controversial couple are they gonna get married and not gonna get married Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie so we will wait to hear what their next move is all New York court -- -- moving on to this forms has announced the top sign. Most powerful. Celebrities. And and and here is a list and Madonna number five beyoncé number four Steven Spielberg's. Coming in at number three lady -- -- coming in at number two. And -- -- -- who is number one although she was second place in the last couple of years. Oprah Winfrey now of course the queen daytime television herself has returns to take her spot. As the number one most powerful celebrities. In forms and reports annual celebrity 100 rankings so there you have it. You know -- network was kind of flailing a little bit when it started that there was a lot of programming to -- who really know what to make detonated as a daytime show how is it not we don't know what to do. But it sounds like it might even turn a profit in 2013 which is usually get news -- brought. Santana but it's a good news for the viewers because they would have really suffered -- -- with that went right hand to your little tidbit for you which is not a pact but I think it's awesome. She's barely picked up a couple of soap operas which we're going by way of online announced that the problem actually is granting All My Children she's a -- -- a little that is why an audience it's not morally I'm one of the. She is Smart she knows what she's doing yes all right it was a lot outnumber -- who's boss really high. Yeah yeah she grew up she got quite sexy hot -- high grade -- fifteen years ago she's on the cover of Maxim Magazine she's forty now and guess what fifteen years later. She's back on the cover -- Maxim Magazine. So -- the last time she appeared as way about she's not wearing anything under that shirt. Hello John only -- that should Irvine. -- -- at that she doesn't have anything underneath it yet she still looks as beautiful as ever I've always been a fan she's a bad. Battery and a magazine in the article she talks about being child actor in the long list of casualties of child actors. And she says I think Christina Applegate and I the only to maintain some sort of career path. Pass the -- That launched -- she -- a child actress survivor and by the way unit -- that show mistresses on ABC. I heard about so it's on our network how did you get mixed.

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{"id":19503955,"title":"Prop 8 Announcement Brings on Celebrity Engagements","duration":"3:10","description":"Celebrities of all sexual orientations waited until after Prop 8 went down to announce engagements.","url":"/WNN/video/prop-announcement-brings-celebrity-engagements-19503955","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}