A Proposal That Went Horribly Wrong

A naked man shows up at a house he claims is his girlfriend, spits at police and gets arrested.
2:54 | 06/06/13

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Transcript for A Proposal That Went Horribly Wrong
Welcome to the mix everybody's got a really funny story about how they replaced him right there. Sweet story and I think. Doesn't take that it -- This planet I don't think after getting scattered at -- very enlightening that this is pretty -- guy has -- very organizing -- Senator Edwards 22 years old. Shows up to what he insisted his -- house. Come you make it very end. That was not his girlfriend's house the people inside called police between -- asked what he was doing there he insisted this -- government how many that you know what. Actor -- started -- -- just take me in jail anyway so what's it gonna take three to take -- -- -- have I had got an officer officers have not a good idea that's -- -- sit opposite things. Also not a good idea -- -- -- officers face he got hauled off to jail. And. He didn't expressed its concern is gonna -- naked and he doesn't know where the woman he wants to marry lips right now they're adding -- -- -- Story -- mr. Thomas Edwards twenty different captain -- Florida apparently really sticking it when he was taped by police are confident that. If there's really a girlfriend I think she's happy that we. She doesn't know where she -- Following an accident this Zone Diet craze that's taking place in Venezuela now believe me you won't be long till it's here it's called the miracle tomcats listen to this pounds approximately the size of a postage stamp -- -- from a -- -- plastic designed -- -- repairs. It's taken apparently according -- magazine that as well by storm. Patients with a patch which is surgically put on your -- Experience extreme pain when she -- solid food. An -- that is forced to adopt the liquid diet resulting in rapid weight loss -- was developed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. But apparently -- guys treated a hundred patients since 2009 its big haired Venezuela. The FDA is not -- -- doctors are expressing concern. They don't want to be on your -- for one month by the way. Because can actually start growing into the top. -- will power people. I don't know thank you that's still thank you know thank you OK now for an update. We are responsible journalists here so we're going to bring an update to America the two journalists in Philadelphia that we showed you yesterday. Cool. Well let's just say they seem to not get along on TV but apparently we all got Iraq according to -- According to the other people who work without -- -- taken to Twitter. And Nicole Miller who is live there anchor woman. Says if you know parents -- -- -- -- -- meteorologist. Antony that you know there's only love between us so we're going to keep having fun halos after that a very favourable business and you know what I'm not buying it. Yeah we get -- thing to do with it what you will viewsonic that you got.

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{"id":19336963,"title":"A Proposal That Went Horribly Wrong","duration":"2:54","description":"A naked man shows up at a house he claims is his girlfriend, spits at police and gets arrested.","url":"/WNN/video/proposal-horribly-wrong-19336963","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}