Race takes center stage at Golden Globes

Celebrities took aim at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's lack of diversity. ABC’s Will Ganss reports.
2:17 | 03/01/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Race takes center stage at Golden Globes
It is great to be black at the golden girl. Back at the go to the diversity taking center stage at this year's Golden Globes. The only whites Hollywood foreign press the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. A group of nearly nine indeed journalists responsible for nominating an awarding winners. Has not a single black member. HFP Amy you guys didn't get a medal because your workplaces the back Booth of a French McDonald's but. You gotta say is that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler addressing the issue ready to Joplin Sunday night's show in a black actors and black led projects were overlooked. We all know that award shows are stupid it. They're all us and invented by big red carpet. To sell more carpets. Has sagged time's up globes gaining traction online with stars like -- duper day Kerry Washington. Amy Schumer and Judd at the talc calling the organization out the lack of diversity cited as a possible reason for some major snobs. We saw Regina king and admirals who now Louise now they're nominated for best director greet kudos thumbs up over. No. None of them block films. Muted into the best picture drama about an on the TV front and no love for high profile shows like I may destroy you polygraph fingerprinted she's yeah. Jane Fonda except in her lifetime achievement award calling for increased representation. As well. Let's bus. Including all the groups that decide who gets tired and what gets made and who wins awards left all of us make an effort to expand that tent. So that everyone rises and everyone's story has a chance to be seen and heard. The HF PA did address the controversy themselves. During the show saying quote we must have black journalists in our organization we must also ensure that everyone from all under represented communities. Gets a seat at our table and we are going to make that happen so hopefully the organization will look a little different next year than they did this year guys that play a conversation that. Has been long overdue hill. And we're seeing it. Pushed by the stars and yeah and it's nice when people wake up permit. Better late than ever right does.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Celebrities took aim at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's lack of diversity. ABC’s Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76181889","title":"Race takes center stage at Golden Globes","url":"/WNN/video/race-takes-center-stage-golden-globes-76181889"}