'Rambo'-Themed Bachelor Party

A group of filmmakers threw a "Rambo"-themed bachelor party for their friend and recreated the first film of the series.
2:53 | 02/11/15

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Transcript for 'Rambo'-Themed Bachelor Party
Or. OK it is time for the mix and we're starting with a doozy of a story. He's might be the greatest friends ever uttered this guy getting married name is seen as saying he was getting married and his friends through V best bachelor party. It was a Rambo aims bachelor party this guy not only has friends that clearly love him they reenacted all hope that's the movie Affleck. If people work for harming of this part in the Finley of the Batman but. Eight are filmmakers it's about friends. It's clearly a talented group any kind of he was at Randall fan growing up into the even his dream to be ramble for today. There are no easy answers nothing awful he just gets to BS got her one day okay this is critical for the tell their buildings. This ethical thing I watch the whole thing I sucked into it it's. You can now do with the hello listen to make it fourteen minutes opened yet you fourteen minutes a lot of guys are friends be an awesome. There's that you're gonna die of beards Mickey don't know who James Harden is he's the superstar in the NBA but he's no over his beard there he is he's been way and that for years. This signature look well they had games Harden. Dear day if you will as the game the other night get help Brooklyn. Really sorry really I think are under a lot of that oh my goodness you just went on April. They did not look good at Houston but the they have got involved in this oh my goodness we can't finish that little kid. Yeah not from. In Brooklyn nothing he can't appear for another ten years feeder cables as well read in Brooklyn Beardsley they all have beards that and you know they're brown is the Jane's garden bureau of the dove world what they're a little more hipster they're very developed differently at the bank. They grow well and must be in the water. Help this Illini know you really like this story well it's you yes yeah this is yet. People acting like dogs are good it causes acute video promoting the adoption of Bloomberg's pet. These people are all acting white gotten this guy's not crazy Armenians but. This is the cutest little reenactment freeway Irving who adopt. It in exactly how they act which ends up being just like children and. He had a heating you're not giggling at all of is we're good call right now being incurred I'll go with that is scored good coordinated. It's encouraging adopted which of the weight that in any tendency people confessed. This is something I would raise my hand if you pardon me anytime you can like this happens with the regularly. Actors and improbably he performer says it has nothing like hey guys we're gonna recreate adopt a who wants to jump and I get our act meant. Of course the but this show you this last one guy had a heck of a sneaker collection we talk about women in their shoes though this guy. So called collections he sold all of his sneakers. For a whopping 860000 dollars had 280 prepared at all that connects for years and years and years he got a 160 grand you know what he's gonna do within money a down payment. Our apartment. They treat up.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"A group of filmmakers threw a \"Rambo\"-themed bachelor party for their friend and recreated the first film of the series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"28882887","title":"'Rambo'-Themed Bachelor Party","url":"/WNN/video/rambo-themed-bachelor-party-28882887"}