Real Life 'Jaws'

Video of possibly the largest shark ever caught on camera is drawing lots of attention.
2:54 | 08/12/15

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Transcript for Real Life 'Jaws'
OK time now for the knicks. We may have found the real shots and realized what I went in against YouTube this is a female shark called blue deep blue. This was discovered or found on the Guadalupe islands goodness look at unity humongous in this video shows are pregnant she's roughly fifteen year old great white shark. And off Mexico's coast as I mentioned and roughly about twenty feet long weighing 5000. How it's. And meet people believe this is the largest shark caught on camera and research to put it this summer researcher Marla CEO. Well yes Padilla and 2013 but really recently hosted an apparently I didn't notice. But I think sharks actually like to swim in shallow water that's closer to the short. It's believed for them that it's better for their young but recently it's become more dangerous because of adults sharks and humans. But this was found by restructuring its custom. Among another reason not to go to bed tonight everyone. Another active that is the you know you get absolutely RX we're talking earlier about it will lend and that walking that tight rope. There's also I had no idea let's hope it's called flat play. It's different than the type growth. A little more slack to a T there it is so if that's in in Canada. We look at this for you leave Leo was faulty trying to set the world record at the end but that's how he got started. This is happening in in Canada than Spencer's Seabrook. And he walks seventy yards. From one end to the other he beats the record by 23 feet what you think you've got to skirt she felt right at the time and was able to hold on hold itself back up. And make it all the way to the other side said. There's no safety net you know. Any sort of connectors on their butts up pretty impressive. I noble what is it is it harder to do it. A group that's really tight or I would think this is even harder because it has a little bit of kit but. And you know what I think the bull. Ligaments before you gotta be have a little bit of crazy and needed to go for that but it's incredible to watch it every time it's it's. We kept clear either way from the that did not happen for the world record not have been that and he would not shown that those. Well what you know those arcade games with the clock that people can never get the toys out. Though the of the rig the scams at the grocery store when the game on yet another quarter another quarter another corner you can never quite get the cool toilet while in China they have a different take in some people like how this child abuse bad. On the roads. And they send the to try and their bags of potato chips and has its candy some that the toys. They send him down to see if they can clocked some sort of prize all right that's the coolest thing of it but. They've got. This figured out. An investigation found most of these are actually scams they only give away prizes went to cost of the machine's contents. Are finally paid off Atlantic a lot of quarters that gets hold its all a scam but that is fun that every kid. Even adults alone rather than me.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Video of possibly the largest shark ever caught on camera is drawing lots of attention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33032560","title":"Real Life 'Jaws'","url":"/WNN/video/real-life-jaws-33032560"}