Real witches of New York

Witches dispel the common myths and misconceptions associated with their craft.
3:22 | 10/31/18

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Transcript for Real witches of New York
Let us be the first to wish you happy Halloween. Then of course nothing goes together as white likes Halloween it's jackal and turns black cats and of course we. Is he out long before Sabrina the teenager. Then Samantha bee spelled der wouldn't there were real riches but which is and they're still pact to sing and not been Salem mass parade here in New York. Please coming to distill their. My name is facing wrapped and I am the head Richard enchantment to near exit. Myths about witchcraft. How far back do want to go. Is that a religion is of the belief system what if that. Com. My name man is Dakota. I am aim co owner here Callahan books for Clinton's favorite little which up. I AM and here's today sued dispel a lot of the myths around what witchcraft as an who which is our what's happened very very simply has practiced. The thing about being a wedge is it is inherently radical nature in which. Sad. I am an individual. I have within me the ability to use critical thinking doubt skepticism. Reason. Q. Map out for myself. What I believe my religious or spiritual practice she's been. That taking on of the identity of the wedge. Has always happens. Mumps. Queer peep. Bull trans people and women my nickname growing up was bow hunt. So I kind of like when would it. I've been saying I'm aware of since I was like maybe niners are hopeful I don't know I've never really identified with the war locker wizard and I'm happy with the term which if you lose. It is good to me has empowering. I guess the most common Hollywood misconception would be that was just comply we get fly airplanes. But we can't actually find them. Can't we turn nose and in the house which hit California shape shift that I'll go back. Actually Mike and partly true a lot of people who are involved in witchcraft because it is about working with energy. We can get people outside yelling and screaming at us that we worship the double and we're going to hell and. You give me a person who happens. Logic and reason in your life and loved by and also how before flying spirit. You don't need it to be a specific day or specific time of the months to do something. Magical it's just about waking up and connecting with that inner voice. To put it out into the immigrants. So I've been with my entire life and even know it I had met in her voice is going he might see some of these old candles yeah. All the rest there from the the kind folks enchantment and might change and I see they've been. They're legacies take a lot of long time to protect. I control U. No we can't get.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Witches dispel the common myths and misconceptions associated with their craft. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58870861","title":"Real witches of New York","url":"/WNN/video/real-witches-york-58870861"}