Remember the Infamous Elevator Fight Between Jay Z and Solange?

Beyonce is now addressing it in a brand new remix of her song "Flawless."
3:10 | 08/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Remember the Infamous Elevator Fight Between Jay Z and Solange?
Sign -- for the city's popular headlines this morning the Kennedy family has a brand new member Curb Your Enthusiasm actress Cheryl Hines married Robert Kennedy junior this weekend. On -- conned the wedding took place at the -- -- of the grooms mother Ethel Kennedy in Hyannis Port to a happy couple. Credits Curb Your Enthusiasm and -- -- creator Larry David for bringing them together he introduced them two years in a row separate ski resorts and. They were married both married at the time congratulations to them. Next beyoncé dropped a surprise all of this weekend releasing a new remakes. Of course song -- -- a sneak attack remixing featuring the humanize features a line from the queen be addressing that infamous fight. -- affair between Jay-Z and -- -- on that elevator at the standard hotel. Yeah. Yeah. Any yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -- unfortunately we can't actually play you know lying about the elevator because of at least for vulgarity. And this -- did not directly address the persistent rumors -- -- changing sea heading for divorce somebody keep. A buzzing about this whether it's a PR ploy Witten is actually real -- The industry news they -- about elevator that -- about divorce they view -- Wachtel there indeed. Well next -- hearing some new details about this when I'm excited about have the new ghostbusters movie. And it appears the ghostbusters reboot may actually feature of all female lease -- -- has Variety Magazine also reports it will strictly be in ghostbusters three or sequel to that old. Eighties movie. And we may see some familiar faces like an -- -- bill barring there's still no director yet the film but on the short list parts of -- -- all five. And to a blockbuster that's already in theaters and set new records -- superheroes to the rescue saving both the galaxy and the box office guardians of the galaxy. Starring unlikely superhero Chris Pratt he's we get this is already raked in 94. Million dollars -- -- -- -- I -- they go -- no no problem at all cooler. Storm. Who. Stopper -- man to -- him. We have to look into the galaxy in the third highest opening of the year and the best ever for a non -- -- it was produced by marvel and Disney. Our parent company at a news getting rave reviews big weekend -- it of course it went up against get on up and James Brown moving west outlet which also looks very -- a lot of summer -- -- check out. And now we'll check out our celebrity birthdays on this Monday that's right blowing up. Tandem today. I'm the birthday boy and she turns 53 years old actor Billy Bob Thornton. Nine today. Cowboys and aliens actress Abigail Spencer. Turns learning very. Dancing With The Stars Tim Johnson is 38.

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{"id":24829465,"title":"Remember the Infamous Elevator Fight Between Jay Z and Solange? ","duration":"3:10","description":"Beyonce is now addressing it in a brand new remix of her song \"Flawless.\"","url":"/WNN/video/remember-infamous-elevator-fight-jay-solange-24829465","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}