Republican Debate Shuffles Candidates

Presidential Candidates Chris Christie and Rand Paul will be joining Tuesday's debate.
1:45 | 12/14/15

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Transcript for Republican Debate Shuffles Candidates
Good morning I'm Richard bacon every night with a top stories on this Monday December 14 to cast for Tuesday's Republican debate in Las Vegas. Has been shop Chris Christie will be back on the main stage after taking part of the undercard last time. Rand Paul just squeaked by thanks to a new poll released yesterday morning that helped him make that hot tech crews will be asked senators date right. Twitter is warning some uses that that accounts may have been targets of like state sponsored hackers the company says. It was a small group of accounts that were targets it. And if there was no indication that hackers succeeded in stealing sensitive to access your gonna FaceBook. The bulls I started issuing stable warnings about state sponsored attacks. Residents a cause of why area of Texas are cleaning up this morning after at least three confirmed tornadoes. Please just damaged up to fifty homes the tablet dale would there has declared state disaster about a hundred miles south. In Lufkin strong winds are 64 cargo trains to tracks onto the roadway below heavy rains also triggering flash flooding. In this case it's just like spring also the Platt think it was so warm this weekend in Washington DC. Every Tulsa in this. Bloomed again. All three months they depending on how you look at that Canada. The National Park Service says feel like blossoms will not affect people sentenced next great cherry blossoms in Connecticut's. Also influenced. By the weather need to contain field but yeah that's over there that's a good thing. Scheduled to brief its medical subject. You can get war he's been told at ABC news. So called on to thank and every N thanks so much for watching.

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"Presidential Candidates Chris Christie and Rand Paul will be joining Tuesday's debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35751285","title":"Republican Debate Shuffles Candidates","url":"/WNN/video/republican-debate-shuffles-candidates-35751285"}