A rescue dog had quite the adventure

She bolted from her New York City apartment, across a busy highway and down into the subway! ABC News' Will Ganss explains it all.
2:28 | 05/10/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A rescue dog had quite the adventure
Take. Looks like Lucy has sums elated to do. But it's this Lucy who's in trouble following a wild weekend in New York City. Lucy is an emotional support dog for 76 year old Susan Malone currently in the hospital after breaking her arm and leg. But deadly friend stopped by to take Lucy pearl walk while mom recovers. Lucy got spooked and made a break for the red hot running into the open elevator. Making it down to the lobby past the door man out the door. Across the highway and into the subway station Susan's daughter Molly joining the chase. Ten hours in total on the trains at in the tunnels. Looking for losing out one point power totally shut off for 12 and three trains as the search war line. Finally an MTA worker and tamale spotting the runaway putt on the tracks. Three miles away from where she got loose at 34 street. Actually positioned myself on the tracks Lucy was looking to streamline. I just stood and a way to look right to me and now was able to pick erupt and actually. Border on bidder got onto the train. And ran sir owner's arms. A lot either say Padilla was my here. Jumped out wrap rare and the G-8 at credit. He Lucy cam or struggle. Lucy understandably spooked after a day in the dark underneath Gotham in desperate need of a bath and a big bowl of water to drink. But Lucy perfectly happy to head back home with Molly. How else on the subway and. At the New York City got wary after her day on the Lam Lucy is expected to reunite later today with her beloved owner Susan. Who's returning home from the hospital so it might be a day late but it's quite the Mother's Day gift. To be reunited with her best four legged friend how you guys. You know what I don't think Lucy paid for the fare sounds that now there's a warrant out for her arrest satellite. New Yorkers EG a 100% as a metro cards a model that had a gap how do we know baby she's like didn't they also well. And it is a need help with this it was just an idea they still call it like to DC lines like I took them headline today added to the green admirably in. 60123. Yeah. Exactly if anything that I lose the big that they paid you well.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"She bolted from her New York City apartment, across a busy highway and down into the subway! ABC News' Will Ganss explains it all.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77597615","title":"A rescue dog had quite the adventure ","url":"/WNN/video/rescue-dog-adventure-77597615"}