Retired Military Dog to Get Lifesaving Heart Surgery

Kay, an 8-year-old Labrador and pit bull mix, served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan before being diagnosed with a heart condition.
2:55 | 09/08/14

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Transcript for Retired Military Dog to Get Lifesaving Heart Surgery
Monday morning -- and it's time to kick things off with this great story. This dog used by the military to sniff out IED's explosive devices obviously you don't go into harm's way where a lot of the minute. The military relies on this Qaeda. Canine health. What this dog eight year old Kate has a tumor on his heart and -- and now his owner also serving in the military. Was trying to get the procedure done for 6000 dollars obviously it's a costly experience that it's a -- -- procedures so. What -- -- -- do what he started an online petition online campaign and within twenty days a 186. People well. Online pledged money and -- has now been happy operation to -- tumor from his heart how wonderful -- are having. Animals are so selfless all they want it was a little would have potentially get back so much and especially when you're in a war zone to -- so attached -- become me it's incredible I'm so happy to hear that story. Well you it's so easy to pass by homeless person on the street and you see people's -- all the time it's kind of uncomfortable one man decided. He was gonna poses a homeless person and reward the people. Who decided to give back and so this is -- guy and he gave people twenty bucks and the reactions were amazing. This one night and that giving him money and then we'll look at the -- gives -- money back and it was like why are we talking about. Totally -- totally sent. One died this man right here said. All -- continue as some prayers and he sits down starts -- with the guy and then he headed -- Cuddy and think guys just dumbfounded could not fully vet so. Really great story about how people were surprised by their own kindness and got back and -- Her shoes that I got pushed for humanity on a Monday yeah. And is next live in this next video is fantastic it's six seconds long and we're -- ahead for good reason here it is this -- a little -- discovered the joys of sour candy. Yeah. I love it procedures -- like one by. Right guy good tonight myself and man I'm Erica. We're. -- -- tell you is out since. Currently she hasn't learned that you know it's I don't like those sour patch could get to burn up that top leader -- for probably -- and certainly. Talk about burning up the toppling of your heart for that help. If there's aesthetic and -- good for your heart well there's actually a study that was done. I'm in Europe and it was done by Europeans decided cardiologist they -- drinking wine daily. Moderate levels from both men and women and exercising twice a week. Great results for the house regularly dropping your cholesterol levels. And so they found that it's a combination of the two definitely makes anger from its ability to because those -- -- lights and a year and a -- Yeah I'm online and never about it there's -- an unfinished benefits stay with us.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Kay, an 8-year-old Labrador and pit bull mix, served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan before being diagnosed with a heart condition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25343113","title":"Retired Military Dog to Get Lifesaving Heart Surgery","url":"/WNN/video/retired-military-dog-lifesaving-heart-surgery-25343113"}