Rick Gates admits to crimes

Robert Mueller's "star witness," Rick Gates, took the stand in the Paul Manafort trial, conceding to jurors he aided his former boss in committing crimes. ABC News' Lynda Lopez reports.
2:14 | 08/07/18

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Transcript for Rick Gates admits to crimes
The star witness testifying against former trump campaign manager Paul man a fourth is expected back on the stand today. We're gates told the jury that he concealed millions of dollars from the IRS on man a forts behalf. And secretly siphoned off some of that money for himself ABC's Linda Lopez joins us now with a look ahead good morning Linda. Good morning Candace they hugely anticipated courtroom showdown bringing palm at a fort face to face with his former right hand man. Re gates gates is explosive testimony yesterday. Key to the prosecutions case against and a fort. In the first trial stemming from special counsel Robert Muller's Russian investigation. Before working together on the tram campaign men afforded gates spent years working together making huge salaries consulting for foreign political clients now man afford on trial for falsifying tax returns and failing to report millions in income. And gates having pleaded guilty to conspiracy and lying to federal authorities have testifying against his former boss. Gates telling jurors that over several years they hid their income in foreign bank accounts. Prosecutors asking were you involved in any criminal activity with mr. manna for it. Yes skeet answered. How much did you fail to report. Gates replying over the years several million dollars he also admitted to falsifying loan applications and other documents to help man afford obtain more in bank loans. Gates admitting to jurors that he knew he had meant for it we're committing crimes each time at least some of the money hidden coming from Matt board's work on behalf of Ukrainian politicians with deep ties to Russia. Gates is expected back on the stand today for day two of his testimony. And since gates also admitted that he had embezzled several 100000 dollars from and a fort the defense's cross examination. Expected to be bruising. Now this criminal. -- has nothing to do with either man's work for the trump campaign and there's been no discussion during the trial about whether the trump campaign coordinated with Russia. But Rick gates is regarded as a crucial witness for the government ever since he pleaded guilty to those two felony charges and agreed to cooperate. And special counsel Robert follows Muller's Russian investigation. And this MacKey and you'll be back on the witness stand there in Northern Virginia today thanks and a.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Robert Mueller's \"star witness,\" Rick Gates, took the stand in the Paul Manafort trial, conceding to jurors he aided his former boss in committing crimes. ABC News' Lynda Lopez reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"57077049","title":"Rick Gates admits to crimes","url":"/WNN/video/rick-gates-admits-crimes-57077049"}