Take a Ride on the Toboggan on Super Bowl Boulevard

WNN's Ryan Smith checks out the sights, sounds and rides on "Super Bowl Boulevard."
3:00 | 01/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Take a Ride on the Toboggan on Super Bowl Boulevard
As some -- you know by now Super Bowl 48 is being held the right here in the New York City area. Technically New Jersey very important to point out for on the Jersey people. -- -- look at live pictures the crossroads of the world Times Square. He's been transformed. Into Super Bowl bullet and you're looking at live pictures right there was quiet earlier but I had the very. Very tough assignment Marcy. I'm going to check out the Super -- boulevard earlier took a look good hearted. New York State's Super Bowl Bieber has -- It's called the Super Bowl experience. Talking a stretch of ten city blocks. All about Super Bowl you've got the Super Bowl trophy concert autograph. All the way down at the end of the -- -- -- the -- that. How -- you doing some bullets. You get this straight -- Seahawks and now the prop up their mind normally go to the games and and we -- to stop. -- -- this week oh yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're. Search of the Seahawks -- He's gonna win we'll only know that it really. -- and ending though he got to give got your back and dust bag. You know take that -- If there's good -- Restaurant named after -- -- news. All right if the blogger -- -- It is amazing. And you cut down life I would say maybe 8090 miles an hour just kidding it's a lot of fun. Like everything here in the Super Bowl experience. This is the greatest equivalent variant of all time. Come -- yeah. I don't know yeah. They asked me to fill in for John Adams gets routed to Bobby and Betsy about how -- it was amazing so much fun so much to do. BC New York to Martin's head back when I did tell you coming down the person sounds kind of fast what they. Did a good way yeah absolutely. Invitation end up like called you like five times again in my opinion plus she could -- it. But it did -- that's so greatly concerned there were crowds I have to save for Seattle fans and did not sit well let's Seahawks fans from Monday night -- Maryland represented that's right -- good fun good fun though Catholics like it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"WNN's Ryan Smith checks out the sights, sounds and rides on \"Super Bowl Boulevard.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22294536","title":"Take a Ride on the Toboggan on Super Bowl Boulevard","url":"/WNN/video/ride-toboggan-super-bowl-boulevard-22294536"}