Rihanna Stalker Hit With Restraining Order

Rihanna's stalker must stay away from the Bahamian pop star.
3:46 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Rihanna Stalker Hit With Restraining Order
Welcome to this Friday edition of -- -- and we started it's kind of crazy guy who's obsessed with bring up. And so this guy Steve -- Barrow. Was -- 31 years old he was arrested last month when he broke into a mansion which he thought was -- honest it was not he apparently taken a couple of personal items slept in one of the -- Kind of a little bit of a weird out any -- good little bit here. It doesn't just -- -- -- necessarily scored that don't meet your restraining order against this guy he now must stay 100 yards away from her. And he asked do that until 2016. And so that the judge obviously in this case realize that he is -- little -- -- -- -- And he needs -- -- from -- and I'm sure Rihanna is more and then relieved. That a crazy person is no longer in her home but we do know that she's on again with her boyfriend Chris -- others. I thought about the view the replacement for Joy Behar who's really. The show and Jenny McCarthy the latest rumor. Yeah -- and he'd be fine but but she certainly is nice to look at I must say that stretches great job on that New Year's rock anything -- she was really get a -- -- very different anyway she says I will be. Helping them while they look she told -- an extra helping. -- -- has -- VH one shows you won't be permanently sitting next to Barbara Walters and company here on ABC. But she says -- she will be helping them out -- exit daytime show in August when her contract expires so that the mystery -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right so Emma Watson earlier this week. Kind of upset that she was upset about the fact that somebody would even think to say that she may be one of the stars into -- to -- that movie right -- -- Now she's apparently Baring it all but for a good cost so she's in love with several other actresses. -- she's kind of sounding a little risque shot there for a book by James and Susan. But look it's called natural beauty and it's to benefit eco minded group. Global green USA the unconscious when using their at all it's not like -- actually it's. Step where it's very artistic I think it's a woman missing a finger on the -- -- absolutely not be doing anything that had any sexual. Sexually charged -- you know -- -- naked at a -- -- flowers maybe semi Megan Elaine has for a good prize and she's absolutely gorgeous. She is really coupon she -- yet sometimes doesn't translate when you're young Q you don't come out holder and cute but she she's -- -- and she's she's great. Kelly -- given a clean bill help from a doctor she suffered a seizure back on March 7 -- update the stars -- easier five days in the hospital. Well apparently she has returned home got a clean bill of health from the doctors she told that to a spokesman on. At a hospital. And she's revealed that -- being -- to go back to work as to what it was all about there was really no conclusive results according to our. She didn't we all our fans are one -- said that they can on the doctors nurses medical staff employees at cedars Sinai hospital for fixing me -- -- to go home. It's nice to be in bed she wrote that to her two point eight million followers some good news there. And of course she's the daughter Sharon and -- out. Ozzy -- and both of those kids have had some help Virginia the past and we weren't sure what -- what she lost a significant amount of weight and we thought maybe that's what it was related to but apparently it's himself. It's not that she's nice and healthy LK elaborate -- and juicy stuff here jumped on this front -- the Jonas Brothers say yes. Apparently may be in a sex tape although he says this isn't true this is according to CNV here's how raunchy sex tape out there with his -- with that model. But he says -- that -- Total BS no such tape exists sound. Scott from the android and then getting out of now out of mess -- absolutely we'll --

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{"id":18788317,"title":"Rihanna Stalker Hit With Restraining Order","duration":"3:46","description":"Rihanna's stalker must stay away from the Bahamian pop star.","url":"/WNN/video/rihanna-stalker-hit-restraining-order-18788317","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}