Road to Election Day 2020

Sarah Palin is weighing in on the challenges ahead for Joe Biden's running mate. Plus, the debate over mail-in voting takes a new turn. ABC's Kenneth Moton reports.
2:57 | 08/06/20

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Transcript for Road to Election Day 2020
Back here at home now that the court of ours is essentially up in at the Republican and democratic conventions the biggest political buzz right now with senator. A Democrat Joseph Biden's choice for running mate. We spoke with someone who knows a little something about that process. This morning Sarah Palin weighed in on the democratic beach state. You couldn't open up I. Excluding some demographic certainly and gender. Presumptive democratic nominee Joseph Biden has promised to choose the woman as his running mate as the first female Republican vice presidential nominee Palin says Biden's pick. Will face more scrutiny than a Meehan would. I was somewhat and children yeah. Ages of eight people weren't able to know my students who are less experienced what I stood port what I could act. And yeah yeah. The world out of him he. Wayne along with media letting it be more about her personality he. An announcement on Biden's choice is expected Monday a week before the convention. Biden now saying he won't travel to Milwaukee due to corona virus concerns instead who'll accept the nomination in his home state of Delaware. In the meantime the trump campaign is suing Nevada after Democrats their pass the law Cindy ballots to every registered voter. And allowing ballots to be counted even after Election Day are cure Phillips pressing the president. Did you lay out and talk exactly where the evidence is right now that mail in ballots in Nevada and other states will lead to widespread rock. See him all over the Internet they've had some just horrible stories on mail in ballots they have the right to go seven days after the election for approvals the united that a number one the state of Nevada. That we didn't call Nevada secretary of State's office election division and the spokeswoman there said that that. Simply isn't true Mr. President and that the better we'll continue to check out signatures against voter registration cards it's that is accountable. But that's not what they said when they approved it they said they're not going to check signatures. And now controversy at the post office president from claims the agency was given insufficient notice about the millions of expected ballots it's a catastrophe waiting to happen. House Democrats have been requested testimony from the new postmaster general. One of Trump's top donors amid reports that has cost cutting moves have created backlogs and mail delivery. The Postal Service saying the agency still has ample capacity for the election. But critics point to New York's congressional primary back in June. A winner was just declared this week after a judge ruled on a dispute over whether some ballas were postmarked too late. As for Sarah Palin she's not ruling out another run for office. Certainly learned a lot about politics are you so much the political arena I. So much of the shenanigans and corruption. And I wouldn't he wore added we've never leave these. And according to July fundraising reports president Arafat at 165. Million dollars. Biden and the Democratic National Committee took cancer combined haul of 140.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Sarah Palin is weighing in on the challenges ahead for Joe Biden's running mate. Plus, the debate over mail-in voting takes a new turn. ABC's Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72208809","title":"Road to Election Day 2020","url":"/WNN/video/road-election-day-2020-72208809"}