Rob Nelson Bids Farewell to World News Now

WNN anchor Rob Nelson gives a farewell message to the loyal fans.
2:48 | 03/15/13

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Transcript for Rob Nelson Bids Farewell to World News Now
Yeah yeah that allow this has been an incredible morning and I hope you -- I meant what I said a second ago and the staff knows how much a lot of respect them but I wanted to kind of close the show today by talking directly to. The fans out there because not just in the past few days but in the past. Two and a half years you all have written me on FaceBook you have treated me you had shared some of the kindest most generous. Most warm -- things I can imagine and. The amazing thing to me about this TV business is the connection you make the viewers out there it is it's astounding. I can tell you how much it is meant that the love and the support and the loyalty to encouragement. The embrace. That you have shown me particularly some of the hundreds and hundreds of messages over the past few days since news came out and I was going to -- -- here. And sometimes when the politics. Of this business and the rat race in this business messes with your head. And rattles your confidence a little bit that embrace that I felt from you all has given me an incredible level of hope and optimism and energy key -- and and to keep. Being me and that connection with you guys and support you all have shown in many various ways emails and cards and gifts and emails and tweets that's that's. That's the real measure of success in this business stop the other stuff but the connection that you and I have had and what you've -- -- you've taken the time to share that with me. I think whenever you close out a personal or professional part of your career the best -- to leave with good work. Good friends and good memories -- I'm blessed today to leave with all three thanks to the staff and all of you out there -- -- forever grateful god bless and many many thanks. Something very special on today. And probably anger. Great the government on this exact. Many may face -- along the way he -- -- not. There Anderson who run by the way he lives just a day in the -- heavy violence continues that goes on. Faith -- that you. You how you -- People who have been your credit -- and that is your very last telling her home. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18735667,"title":"Rob Nelson Bids Farewell to World News Now","duration":"2:48","description":"WNN anchor Rob Nelson gives a farewell message to the loyal fans.","url":"/WNN/video/rob-nelson-bids-farewell-wnn-18735667","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}