Robin Roberts Visits David Letterman

The GMA host tells David Letterman she's never been happier or healthier.
3:12 | 04/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robin Roberts Visits David Letterman
I -- -- we begin with a beloved colleague Robin Roberts make an appearance on the other side of the clock. Robin was on the David Letterman show to help promote her new book everybody's got something. The details Robbins battle with and DS a rare blood disorder Letterman asked Robin how she's doing now. I can look it she would say I am healthier happier than I've ever been. Of course Robin was able to overcome the blood disorder thanks to bone marrow transplant from her sister Sally. Next month she gets an honorary degree from Southeastern Louisiana University her alma mater. -- -- she looks -- doesn't just as usual as usual. Hi Dave had another high profile guest last night the man who's going to replace him sometime next year comedian Stephen col -- Paying -- visit -- the late show it's the first time he and Letterman have been together in public since the announcement two weeks ago. -- -- said he is thrilled and honored to be taking over from Letterman and Letterman said he was very happy to. They could've they could've just as easily hired another -- like me -- but they. They didn't they hire a guy they hired a -- like com. Every move is like a snowflake David. Unique in our own. He just looks happy it and it got him. Heaven is steps doesn't mean you shouldn't you are ready for that we'll click on the conversation by the way that there's no date set for when the handover is going to take place should begin on -- -- Writer producer Aaron Sorkin apologizing for the newsroom he's the award winning writer behind the west wing -- that. Movies money ball and social network but now he says he wishes he'd start the newsroom all over again. Critics say the show preaches too much to journalists and is often political Sorkin says that he's only now beginning to figure out how to write this thing. The news -- by the way begins its third and final season on HBO this fall. -- -- it's not an apology would have been an exciting news coming from another major filmmaker Steven Spielberg is generating a buzz of excitement for fans of the 1985 cult classic that -- -- scenes there may be a sequel in the making this is figure. I was single -- little -- Samuel Berger wrote and produced the original -- has reportedly come up with the storyline that catches up the characters thirty years later. No word however any in the original film's stars -- -- including Josh Roland Sean -- and Corey Feldman. -- wall gaffe -- -- People Magazine revealing its 2014. Most beautiful woman today last year the magazine's choice of when it Paltrow caused quite a stir. The entire list of 100 women comes out on Friday but we want you to weigh in who do you think should top the list. And be on the cover for 2014 let us now on FaceBook at WN and fans dot com. I connect Marcella -- they file video from C. Katy Perry -- brand new single is called what they -- music video for the song just yet instead. The singer just released -- controversial video there of the world's worst birthday party entertainers. And it can't person it's an old woman who has won the Las Vegas showgirl Jewish apartments and ever see a different -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":23435262,"title":"Robin Roberts Visits David Letterman","duration":"3:12","description":"The GMA host tells David Letterman she's never been happier or healthier.","url":"/WNN/video/robin-roberts-visits-david-letterman-23435262","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}