Roseanne's Run for President

The comedian nabbed 40,000 votes in her push to become commander-in-chief.
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Transcript for Roseanne's Run for President
We're gonna kicking back and it's getting a little bit of a lower economic income one of the more entertaining aspects of the election has always -- -- right in. People get very very creative but. A comedian Roseanne -- she was actually on the ballot in three states but then she also had some pretty good support with the online voters -- -- made big plays. I don't know -- for president. On the ballot for president fifth place over and over on the ballot for president along with peace activist Cindy Sheehan they had over 40000. Voters 36000. Of those. In California. And fell about 8000 in Florida she'd originally recruited. Willie Nelson as a vice president before he about a dad yet if they campaign in a platform that -- -- -- the legalization of marijuana shocking. Yes and Colorado and Washington. And our resource based economy and forgiveness of student loans that this is funny thousands -- said that they would prefer porn legend of Ron Jeremy take the Helm as leader of the free world well he does take a lot position. What did -- also -- some. Yes she critics that they she says thank you for -- -- -- I do not concede. In fact except the job of unofficial president of the United States of America I will serve main street not. Wall Street's. -- and our president. -- that would that was yet he's up there should be some sense negative politics here vice president Joseph Biden who have existing role here he's actually been up here on November 15 episode up. Parks and recreation that there really funny -- with death. Amy Poehler Saturday Night Live they wouldn't tell her character was a councilwoman in the show has a huge crush on the vice president. And so her fiance -- -- -- to the White House and she bombs and about face to face and they have a moment. That her -- decisions are ideal man has the brains of George Clooney in the body and Joseph Biden so. Clearly a fascinating characters he plays on the -- anyway Jodi film -- and then in the middle of campaigns is still back in July when she went to. DC a location but whatever it can't check out the on parks and -- We'll look for an easier military to that OK so Jermaine Jackson and the brother of Michael is now filing a motion a petition -- the judge to change his last name. Did CK asked you Latin. -- YE BK is. He what did she -- for artistic reasons that get oriented TMZ doesn't get any further details that request is not yet been approved by a judge hearings and scheduled port and apparently they have to go through a litany. Make certain requirements in order for this to become official but keep in mind he does have a child named her majesty's. So what the competition for two main change is hair -- -- -- coming and we can't even get a petition for that I'm tired lame walk around 2012 point one of the five heartbeats anyway. Temporarily unmanned ship in Riyadh ahead new album coming out on November the nineteenth and all this album is a duet with. Chris Brown earns or revenue of the back story all of this for the song's called nobody's business and almost songs he sings. I want to be your baby you'll always be my baby instincts in the world baby give me some public -- your girl -- nobody's business. It looked as we go to break.

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{"id":17671116,"title":"Roseanne's Run for President","duration":"3:00","description":"The comedian nabbed 40,000 votes in her push to become commander-in-chief.","url":"/WNN/video/roseannes-run-for-president-17671116","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}