Royal wedding headwear

With the royal wedding only days away, Diane Macedo and Kendis Gibson went to investigate what it takes to make fancy headwear.
5:57 | 05/16/18

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You already get those Santas reading of the royal wedding is just a few days away and we are OK so while Megan is still trying to figure out who's going to be at her wedding party. We can totally step in at a moment's notice and we're doing our homework studying willing Kate's nuptials of course yeah. Checked out all the outfits there and while. We may not technically be invited to the wedding we may have figured out another way and we don't have an invitation but I think you could blend in with the crap we can sneak in a blend in with the crawl. And I've got an idea. It just so happened we were at east village paths which has the selection of hats for just about any occasion. And we do mean any occasion. It hats that royal wedding. Wouldn't house. Again. I looks good. Now you're lost everything this is definitely an older generation. I wouldn't have to do might make a commitment hitting. Let me just perfect weight and matching is the royal same thing. And maybe they're not really ready for food. Thank you said there's been other. Who made. Always about about who have been from the outside cannot do it. You're supposed to get inspiration. Very Bryant news my inspiration this is get out. A hunt hunt to the breaching company it's. Being. Yeah Adam. My. T Dix. What parent entity going to be funds have been like news. I'm inspired by this. Twelve years late to slavery was doing it. You don't like main story. Clear I want particular animal and then form. I found it to avoid IC chip. We got it we gotta think it. Probably didn't let you hit him. Well you you're perfect yeah. Anti. Eventually Juliet takes matters into her own hands. Who Murray. And they couldn't. Feel quite enough to move. This does nothing else. I've got to get it did not expect. Yeah up up up. Now we are talking a little more. Hey maybe Barack. Look very. Jim bunting. Debonair. Young and not just weeks. Nephew has taken then learn how to really eventful. Ladylike. Appropriate although collapse is problematic. And I prevail. It is we'll twenty Botox. Yeah. Not bad out. Pete's pizza pan flying from London two. Not. This case that still unable to find the perfect headgear we decided to go custom. Except his hat on activities gonna hit that they'd. Independent. A big. Limit them spot and so it takes that right after some nice yeah slept. Fantastic. That sent him. That really wish you want to hear tonight rain and all right when an assistant at getting really old there's more than now it I am very we gonna save Bentley and it trim it. You ready to do that affects a lot of words. Phil. Luckily has won we mean yeah. Our. Kids. Thank you perfect but good luck getting. From the man who looks and did. Criteria forget that pilots do this would animate because these little power Lillie elements. And he's twisting. The city's west hear it and that we can meet Q you know very unique. Okay we're gonna fall of halting and hops and we gonna hold. And he he's he's. That actually works yeah right in the muscles come out we weren't found next and just going to be some Lily Ellis park hotel. Who. And. When in Fulton diagonally and well having that happen. A little wizards for something. And they you know start designing and our parliament. Many other. Came home this guy and he just. Julie I love it and you look great a toll get a ged and Kenneth will be on the curb. Take that tended. But I. Four for him through it we're totally getting I mean look at us we're totally getting you know an amazing you coordinator. It is awesome. I I'd look as a knife I get a little carried away Chinese on by the latest as waves throughout much done. I don't feel as if I could just be opened the door and the on the street price.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"With the royal wedding only days away, Diane Macedo and Kendis Gibson went to investigate what it takes to make fancy headwear.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"55200068","title":"Royal wedding headwear","url":"/WNN/video/royal-wedding-headwear-55200068"}