Is the Running Man Challenge Over?

The latest social media dance craze started with the University of Maryland basketball team and has inspired other college teams to post their own versions.
2:54 | 04/28/16

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Transcript for Is the Running Man Challenge Over?
It is time for the mix now from any venue because there's this new dance Trenton you know gone are. You know the Buckhead balance the that the dump Nene the naming naming our. And now you have the running man challenged apparently started with these kids from my university of managed to basketball players. Who did this you take time out the sound might soon. It's caught on quite a bit isn't players for Merrill Lynch and then responded. And from there the whole thing kind of. Blew up yeah this is out now analysts are players as well during the same thing. And it clearly this missile saying that you know if something's cool until. Like local news or people do. So the hope is that professional athletes and start doing it before a lot of people found out about it but now people are saying he's indicted. Tuesday. Ten. And then new people on the news started doing it so we figured who. We might as well as your heart and our fans and that someone else. You know I don't know. I think if we're gonna try to bring back in dance craze yes we should bring back the regretting the real running Mac zealots and ends tonight not. The real reading Matt call them all yeah. And I perhaps another we lost that bet a it was held up our end we did or an immense challenge of the chicken you'll see that you made votes take on that challenge next. Nasser in London Sacramento Kings have to rely Sacramento case so. They put up this challenge. Has worked to their fans yeah. Get a tattoo of their new logo would take a look at how many people this is a new logo. They're actually paying. For any fan that you get the logo and that they clearly have a lot of takers people lined up on the sidewalk around the corner to get a new logo. What I wonder is there. What happened to the people who got the old logo tattoos. True and what happens if Sacramento movies. The kings move out of Sacramento or they just like you know the continuation and change it up with a minute mayberry really and the clippers ran after. I really very unfortunate. Are we're gonna run it out. Well there's bigfoot in London so there has been out in London think president has been spotted London. That folks in the car. Did the vehicle somebody drives around. And that giant it's me that question is can into the running I don't think you can never go home schoolers musical.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"The latest social media dance craze started with the University of Maryland basketball team and has inspired other college teams to post their own versions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38729106","title":"Is the Running Man Challenge Over?","url":"/WNN/video/running-man-challenge-38729106"}