The Saddest Vacation

A man goes on vacation without his wife and sends her pictures showing her how miserable he is without her.
2:55 | 04/02/15

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Transcript for The Saddest Vacation
We'll TJ still has a PB and the bet that we'll cover missed warnings all star often mixed this morning. Take a look at these pictures from the unmoved vacation in Puerto Rico this was a man on a free vacation in Puerto Rico. And he doesn't look like he's having a very good time these pictures have gone viral the pictures are sent to his wife from his vacation. Why is he so sad on this vacation. Well apparently it's because his wife had stayed home to care for their six month old daughter said she couldn't make it. So he met with a friend of arteries open he's the center of the pictures letting her know was no fun but then again. But it was no fun without us why so according the pictures. Lobsters and of those victims was snapped he went right back admitted that there. For possibly but it will never know she'll never now we get the idea that it's cute aren't we talking about. Table did you play in April fool's days of dissident candidate I tried to avoid all April Fool's Day joke yesterday if you didn't play wanted in there you're breaking about art well. Thought accompanies me tell you about they do bring people hear it come of the some of the best one we got from yesterday one of them came from target you see this thing. They heard a Fanny pack. This is kind of a Fannie basket. This was put the house you have the thing that is that fat to your hips. This might work for some people are doing laundry around the house but this is just an April fool's joke this is not a real thing but they put out a Fannie basket the other cool when. That I had to get schooled on his moment ago. The or real good you don't. Double stuff Oreo chief. Okay. They put double stuffing but this is double crunch so they put double blew the crust if you will of the cookie vs the double stuffing. For this is just a joke they're not really presenting a double crunch or it. Which is stupid that I had a cookie is the best part that's. Yeah yeah we want double French oriented. We'll take oh. Take a look at this video. On YouTube. Also going viral this morning this is at one couple announcing that. Their upcoming not tools there save the date video that they had sent out their friends. Beginning spy themed elaborate video while. The triangles and email anymore yet know you've got to get created these days. But it here I'm I'm sure don't have quite the showing at their wedding that's. Go through their friends are not forgetting that days. And this took some effort to all all of this took best of production value here. Well good luck to them in there pending nuptials finally here let me just show you the picture of the murder. Old would have opening day coming up in MLB everybody has their food they're putting out at the ballpark this. Philadelphia this where you can get a nine patty burger company caliber US. Suite 200 don't ask.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A man goes on vacation without his wife and sends her pictures showing her how miserable he is without her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30064292","title":"The Saddest Vacation","url":"/WNN/video/saddest-vacation-30064292"}