SAG Awards 2013: Winners, Laughs

"Argo" and "Lincoln" were among the night's big winners.
3:18 | 01/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for SAG Awards 2013: Winners, Laughs
-- -- Yeah. Good hit the -- that sounds impressive but what did Willis it'll make it in this business had a -- I. All right -- Obviously is awards season so yeah sag awards screen actors guild awards were last night they did some of the funniest off the show the kind of went around to different stars and they told. Funny stories about how they got their break in the business how they kind of -- -- and -- -- -- -- of modern family fame signed in this despite check it out. I grabbed him and -- -- -- gain a very traditional Catholic home and my father told me that if I ever did anything RTZ I was going to look like the whole thing. I saw him win is huge wolves that hanging heady veteran Yeremiah I don't -- -- -- -- I -- -- CNN that I am an -- And we're all grateful to you -- moment. Yeah. You also had a broadly his favorites another big winners last night Alec Baldwin and Tina say they won for best male female actor in a comedy series. Ben Affleck took home some awards a whole cast in four Fargo and -- -- he really good movie and Julianne Moore won best female actor in TV movie. Four game Jay -- big winners last night Tommy Lee Jones for -- and a -- away for late may. That they had for ensemble drama down at Downton Abbey Claire Danes for homeland Bryan Cranston for breaking bad so on and so forth and Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln no shocker there are so good. Learning what's amazing and I would like to see Kerry Washington scandal another show that -- upset and it looked phenomenal always -- -- is extracts. Very cool -- -- all the winners leading up -- contest. Now comment how how Nicole Sullivan you know she plays -- therapists. On cougar town has plays out couples there. -- she says that when she. Had her children she was so obsessed with losing -- she's looking -- -- celebrity magazines and they're saying Jessica Alba and all these celeb moms. They just lose weight -- breastfeeding and reading to their kids and she's like you know what just what different can -- Their mind because it's just not sure you've got a glass of beer diet like Jenny Craig or something like absolutely and I've got to tell you I completely agree that when I had my kids -- -- Adobe's -- stunning. Women bouncing around on all these magazines and saying that there they're nursing and anybody have to kids doing now. This ever worked up about this issue because because they do that to women especially after women have children and -- Terrible -- -- -- I agree with Nicole Sullivan on that Judge Judy has spoken back up -- Also your favorites are here beyoncé she put a picture it's a grand perhaps in response to the whole inauguration lip synching scandal she wore a sweatshirt with them audit says -- -- it was also the title song by her husband Jay-Z but some are saying maybe this is our response to the whole flap of the inauguration thinking. And expensive machine -- ear -- let me try to pull me beyoncé and hold me. It's all theater behind saying just -- you mow the riddle of -- -- catering to come right back.

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{"id":18334304,"title":"SAG Awards 2013: Winners, Laughs","duration":"3:18","description":"\"Argo\" and \"Lincoln\" were among the night's big winners.","url":"/WNN/video/sag-awards-2013-winners-laughs-18334304","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}