Sandra Bullock's Google Warning

The actress plugged her name into Google and found only harsh words.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sandra Bullock's Google Warning
Welcome back everyone time. The skinny and he should start by saying Sandra Bullock who stars in gravity. Is now joining a club a club of people who do something but they don't admit to ever doing it. She came out publicly and said that she has -- herself. She made the statement when -- addressing a crowd -- -- Google myself -- comments section thinking I could get some tidbits of what people really think of me and goes on to say. No human being should ever read the comments section or ever grew oneself. At any time -- Google yourself. I have I have and gags it's not as. Totally where there on that do not -- kill yourself have you. With people watching. And I know what I mean in my room to look at my Google myself OK I pray I think he's not disinterested in seeing -- you know it's out there about me. Good and then -- fair enough but it wait indefinitely. Does Google herself I would put money on it. Cardiac she ends though right -- you -- any -- now these pictures of herself out there and -- and -- -- -- feet. There it is the postal the post baby and the motorcycle. Pattinson is it was kind of by Richard I know exactly where's the baby but she showed off the new but there of course always the naysayers and negative people who think that this photo was. Photoshop because -- didn't check -- she is you know looking very mr. trim. But there is a sources say telling US the us weekly that can feels confident again and says she just wants to share with the world. Nuns and shared with the world -- one thing minister in a motorcycle and there -- no con game. You know I want him. -- -- -- All right well coming up in the next item it is Stephenson -- -- -- getting was under siege and all those other movies that he did that nobody watched as we have watched under siege and basically you -- had recently incidentally there is well -- and -- -- the following Arnold Schwarzenegger footsteps by possibly running for. Governor. The state of Arizona he's told a local TV station there that he's -- -- talk about the bid talking with the sheriff. And this is what's -- as -- -- set himself. But -- -- Remotely consider him probably. Would have. A lot more other responsibility as a lot of other responsibilities. -- me be more important for -- I'm saying whether he runs -- not I mean. I am I gonna run against him because that's -- again. They kill method that guy IRA well. Another -- of people have their eye on is the new bachelor. Yeah I wonder how bill. And does so it's premiering tonight but they did a little preview special -- we got snow. A little bit about a little more about this stud -- hair apparently -- I guess they get to meet his family and they were really supportive he shouldn't really his emotional night and the also learned a little bit more about the contestants many of them taking the extra -- -- learning Spanish she's from Venezuela so. -- try and -- get up to speed with -- he says he's actually working on his English as well also going both ways but. I'm just sit back and watch the video from an -- -- too concerned what he has to say -- Nice Sadler is there wanted to run the video didn't -- I -- the I don't I don't even know what I'm saying you're -- your watch -- the ratings go up.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The actress plugged her name into Google and found only harsh words.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21432955","title":"Sandra Bullock's Google Warning","url":"/WNN/video/sandra-bullocks-google-warning-21432955"}