Saving big in 2020

Who needs a frugal February when you can get Black Friday bargains year round? Financial guru and co-founder Vera Gibbons tells our Will Ganss how to save all year long.
2:54 | 02/04/20

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Transcript for Saving big in 2020
Underneath the iconic New Year's Eve ball in Times Square and near feet away from the NASDAQ building. Folks are getting real about last year's spending habits. How would you describe them reckless. You can indeed probably unnecessary. Luckily fear exhibit is offering perks. How to get up things for your plus all you loss. Timing is everything when it comes. Timing games at Maria what do you mean by some quiet and is low you wanna jump in and make those practices. Knew what when I got quiet air conditioner and loving heat waves are thrilled airing selling season when I offseason. When it's not a lot of good man but there is plenty of supply healthy enough until Christmas may be long gone but here is says tis the season for some serious sales. Now there's little white males Allen on its good time to load up on lending and she. How all the files are really good time to buy and home because people are really looking at this time of year. And you also SE group deals roll out this time here for spring and summer travel does that kind of feel wanna jump on now. Another super saving tips. Here it says to push for the price you want. That's part of negotiating goes. If that's it if anything I think people like cylinder Vista baby to negotiate there are wasting McGinty stress free. There are tools out there like price later for example. Do you go to price And shop the top rated products are interested in whether an electronics and toys. And then you click on made an offer and price later does from the negotiating for you you can either accept the offer you can countered the offer there's no risk but potentially. Very big reward because price legacy was actually beaten Amazon's prices and to beat them significantly. And they do that time and time again here adding that it pays to be free. Just ask for a discount would be surprised at kind of savings you'll again if you just. Asks the you couldn't save. Anywhere from 10% when he percent to significantly more than that and this is proven strategy has worked at department stores to dermatologist office and everything in the and one final trend that will save you a few bucks buying secondhand. We thought so many secondhand parts has happened over the holiday season millennial and gen actors were buying secondhand items doing yes. Has become perfectly acceptable it's a great way to save money and save the planet they. Severe spinal tip if you have a credit card and used a lot make sure you're getting cash back for those purchases. The norm these days is two or 3% back. But in some cases or uncertain purchases you can do even better than that lives in Canada that is very Smart yet to get the cash the Baghdad get the points they airline points as well. Well maybe ABC here at ABC will use our points to buy bigger CDS we can have you back in here with bouts on this you guys but. The say I have some friends appear tonight are you down and battle.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Who needs a frugal February when you can get Black Friday bargains year round? Financial guru and co-founder Vera Gibbons tells our Will Ganss how to save all year long. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68744453","title":"Saving big in 2020","url":"/WNN/video/saving-big-2020-68744453"}