'Dead' Patient Wakes Up Before Organ Harvest

A woman wakes up on the operating table as doctors prepare to harvest her organs.
2:57 | 07/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dead' Patient Wakes Up Before Organ Harvest
That makes this -- it's hard to believe this is like your worst nightmare and life listen -- this well actually -- -- That -- well be patient wakes up. As doctors are getting to remove getting ready to remove -- she's on the surgery table -- gonna take organs out harvest up. And she's not dead. This is true. Happening Caroline -- she opened her eyes exactly at midnight looked up at the operating -- barber and the doctors were shocked to see -- -- a lot of -- on the Syracuse post standard on -- this report from the US department of Elvis documents -- it happened 2009. The doctors inaccurately diagnosed her with irreversible brain damage after she overdosed. She wound up on life support her family made -- decision to take her off life support -- -- donated organs. -- Today at the last minute. At night CNN they end. I -- taking. Now they were about. They -- her attitude she opened her right arm now cultures you're around. It's terrible OK here's another scary story but not as terrible as Allentown I would -- -- awakening so there's this YouTube video that's called. The ring style wake up break just take a look at this for a little while and then we'll explain. -- OK so have you seen in the -- -- I -- not -- that no matter what it is looks scary it looks like it doesn't coming -- -- good television ever. OK so her boyfriend did that as a prank you bring this whole thing he used all kinds -- a pianist and bubble wrap and brown paper are happening a right to -- -- -- to me this. -- -- knowing that he's controlling the dollars in. Seamlessly going to shake up Lorraine how hard and he got a multiple camera shouldn't -- -- to millions -- He runs and actually -- running out of the house. To save the day they had get out and apparently. -- -- -- No he did not apparently they think -- I would she's craving for doing absolutely positively. I think I love this one captain -- been making news a lot lately and yet another one Captain Crunch and crunch berries yes you know that one little amount varies. Well last month the US district court dismissed a complaint filed by a woman is -- to divide crunch berries cereal for years assuming that the crunch -- -- real Barry's. And the judge basically said now not so much in -- Barry's not just like fruit loops -- -- -- proof right I was just can't. -- very we have had a great sorry. OK have a big city officials in Philadelphia have apparently slapped an amusement tax at strip -- 5%. Tax. If you've got a -- club. And and I got a chance to get a day exactly I gotta pay. Well I'm they have -- on the. --

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{"id":19624095,"title":"'Dead' Patient Wakes Up Before Organ Harvest","duration":"2:57","description":"A woman wakes up on the operating table as doctors prepare to harvest her organs.","url":"/WNN/video/scary-wake-call-19624095","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}