Season's Greetings Decline

The number of cards being sent over the holidays has gone down by 1.5 billion since 2002.
2:53 | 12/22/15

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Transcript for Season's Greetings Decline
And now it's time for the mix can relive it or not. Holiday cards people sent out what are those Christmas cards down cards New Year's cards. They've declined by nearly how people just are not sending in the way they. Used to decline by half since 2002 apparently it's declined now the one point five billion wouldn't use me to point nine billion that comes out to about like. It was ten Christmas cards for every man woman child downtown just horrible person do you guys even sending more. You know I could question I did not Cendant this year because I just didn't get around to it the -- yet heard on the night shift it to get your act together. We had some to sending Christmas cards or holiday cards. All right here's another sad sad sad fact. Rep for the good old days like the miss a tow you'd get a miss a told pop down on and you know and you wouldn't. At have a mistletoe that would pop down end. We have a mistletoe pop down. Ed. I don't miss the as a result spoke old Louis. To. That is apparently no longer the case. Best I can even get the mist of make out. So the new study says not only one in seven I had not different until under the next. There's if this isn't the worst other news the tone a bit oh yeah. I can't afford to have and I'll have kissed under the mistletoe men. How to get a do begin and lives lawyer about it they got. Gotta bring it downloadable night between the people rat and will unlike some had to go to the next story that he got rod the component made back their brand and Jack had been seen. A whole. This this this just forward. Oh boy very Burton Jeff yes for purposes for the work purposes. Some really not the point is that people are not doing it if people are not doing it one in seven of us have snot and 14%. Have kissed on in this itself so there's a DJ in the meantime who was in love with one ams last Christmas that he played it. A lot of times take a quick listen. You. For two hours played it non stop. I'm not just on that breaking the record for ten go wrong with this side. I think we should talents of and his. Who retired president and doing what does that person background that will be our last presence of death let the licensing he's every really great group in the ski videos some kids meeting San and we know it's horrifying thing for many many many kids and they did it all. And slow Mo here look at these kids all at all linking Al Santa. Jillian has Brett probably stopped and.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"The number of cards being sent over the holidays has gone down by 1.5 billion since 2002.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35902478","title":"Season's Greetings Decline","url":"/WNN/video/seasons-decline-35902478"}