Seniors Stay Young at Heart With Tubing

A group of elderly thrill-seekers find their joy on a Pennsylvania mountain.
3:00 | 02/03/14

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Transcript for Seniors Stay Young at Heart With Tubing
All right time now for the next we are moaning and groaning about this winter weather about to get some more snow here yeah. But we'll say some people who are running at this isn't a group. From senior citizens residency -- Bethany village and mechanics burg Pennsylvania. -- -- I didn't -- years it's. -- -- Like -- -- there there ought to be out most of them are all of them were at least seven years old one of them not only sixty years old. And tubing and tubing that's how restless. Totally -- 96 years old and too. But let's -- at all and I only -- seniors I was -- unisource yeah I I don't lounge chair in Florida but now. That -- in Pennsylvania for them. -- -- talk about a penny doesn't buy much these days but a guy. From San Diego has a very special penny who -- 250000. Dollars. The -- apparently gathering dust for 33 years and ended up in his car trunk. The guys from Denver's news Randy Lawrence was dad used to work for the Denver -- and in 1974. Check -- out. They need a aluminum sent only ten of them ever -- they -- all thought to be destroyed but. Obama holds there is one of the tin and aluminum attendees it's now on display in Long Beach when expelled and it's worth about 250 grand in -- 250. -- we -- to -- the spring net proceeds will be donated to 100000 dollars to -- in. Credible very well he should be careful what you put that money that -- -- Somebody outside of Detroit donated a bunch of close to the -- well. I forgot your 40043000. Dollars or in the pockets and so one of the volunteers of the goodwill. Found the money in hundreds of dollars in -- what all rolled up and was kind enough to return the money. Felt pretty yet. It's still -- that I was so glad -- the police finally took the money because. Having that much money no matter who that is especially ninth somebody else you know somebody's looking -- -- got another missing it I just wanna get back to the rightful -- Good -- that 43000. Dollars that you know how that way ammunition must wait twenty back. -- -- real -- -- to show you some video this is awesome four year old kid. He's out battling cancer needs to play on the high school basketball -- name is Tyler Shannon and he's get this special crack at playing Salem high. Definitely loves basketball it is his obsession -- He has been looking forward to this game four. Weeks. We know he's had is outfit laid out -- for three straight days. Check a -- at the suit up and play with the big boys marry as way to go look so -- -- -- yeah. The -- sixth.

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{"id":22342977,"title":"Seniors Stay Young at Heart With Tubing","duration":"3:00","description":"A group of elderly thrill-seekers find their joy on a Pennsylvania mountain.","url":"/WNN/video/seniors-stay-young-heart-tubing-22342977","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}