'Sharknado 2' Owns Social Media on Night of Debut

More than 4 million viewers and a flurry of tweets for the Sharknado sequel.
3:46 | 08/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Sharknado 2' Owns Social Media on Night of Debut
Above topic is getting above -- -- -- sequel now officially the most socially. TV movie ever it was -- that nearly four million viewers tuned in Wednesday night for -- -- to the second one. That's a record for the scifi channel the movie generated nearly 600000. Tweets. Potentially reaching a billion people just don't get at one point -- native to -- all of its top ten trending topics in the country. More mentioned on Twitter than that -- Wedding and the Miley Cyrus -- clusters be -- after that. There's a good chance Jamie Foxx is actually going to fight it controversial heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson should be -- you have a right quotes sources. But Tyson himself said he's been in discussion with doctoring and interview from comic -- Fox -- a trainer at a movie about boxing champ Mohammed Ali and won an Oscar for plane break Charles love that. And Tyson's life of course should be a great story for this movie he was undisputed heavyweight champ by -- twenty. But it won't be forever be remembered of course for biting an opponent's ear during a match he spent three years in prison for rape. Had a one man play on Broadway. -- so much talk about Mike -- so much going on there a I'm excited about of interstate love Katy Perry roared into the White House last night at a dinner celebrated. Sixth anniversary of the actual Olympic. Looking really sending -- -- in the royal blue gowns and with crystals and her sometimes colorful hair was sitting flat for the evening President Obama. Introducing Perry as one of his favorite people. Belting out some -- there in the state dining room glam couple couple Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick were also there. -- Decker posted this photo. Hanging out with aids and all right and to finish this -- -- final word about this week's beef between Justin Bieber and Orlando low key witness Steven Cole bear put -- -- -- with a little help. World news. And tonight I'm sad report yet another international dispute that has erupted in senseless violence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- best actor Orlando Bloom. Argue that pop star Justin fever but overnight at a restaurant in these sustained the -- -- we're telling TMZ that bloom. Had thrown a punch at -- Yes early reports indicate that last night Justin Bieber had his first hit in years. Bad -- she gets that. One night -- -- statement and celebrities marking birthday is on their first day of August include rapper Coolio was 51. Let's go play the -- troubled daughter Vanessa on the -- -- show she's turning 41 and also gave drones. After chasing the -- -- 35 today Max Korver. Young actor from Desperate Housewives -- six. Good weather. Those 46 yesterday's report. -- with -- cold air clip it was you know we always get the best shout -- -- world news now. -- bear -- cold air we love -- I might I use -- -- -- -- -- when Jack comes it right here doing this idiot -- -- -- -- next week will be it will be here who that if you and -- you would be mixed. I might make -- guest appearance.

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{"id":24802332,"title":"'Sharknado 2' Owns Social Media on Night of Debut","duration":"3:46","description":"More than 4 million viewers and a flurry of tweets for the Sharknado sequel.","url":"/WNN/video/sharknado-owns-social-media-night-debut-24802332","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}