Shirley Temple Black Dead at Age 85

Former child star Shirley Temple Black has died from natural causes in her California home.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for Shirley Temple Black Dead at Age 85
Temple has died she was one of the most popular and famous child stars ever singing acting and dancing her way to stardom. In fact in the mid 1930 she was the most popular actor of any age Shirley Temple was 85. Yeah. For a decade in the 1930s Shirley Temple was the biggest little thing to hit the motion picture screen. There was something about her energy and optimism something about her golden -- dimpled smile and -- lines that helped people in the midst of the Great Depression. Forget their problems and become absorbed in hearse. Yeah. Shirley Temple started dancing at -- and acting dream by the time she was five she was stealing the show and our. You know. -- Before filming is seen her mother would tell her sparkle -- sparkle and she did. Dancing and singing her way through hints. After hits I don't can't. After -- and -- And my -- in 1934 Shirley Temple was awarded a special miniature Oscar for her outstanding contribution to the silver screen. -- For three straight years she led the box office a drink was named after her and children copied her girls -- -- -- -- When she did grow up her popularity declined at seventeen she married John Hagar who she starred within a couple of films. -- -- -- -- But Shirley Temple would leave that marriage and her Hollywood career marrying a San Francisco businessman and entering the world of politics. Under the first President Bush she served as ambassador to Czechoslovakia. And before that ambassador to Ghana. But even in her later years she was most recognized as the quintessential child star -- thanks to the industry for helping me to have. In enchanted. And very busy channels it. A childhood full of happy memories I never had to work very hard she -- said we all just seemed to play games. -- -- Brady hit ABC news Los Angeles and.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Former child star Shirley Temple Black has died from natural causes in her California home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22458160","title":"Shirley Temple Black Dead at Age 85","url":"/WNN/video/shirley-temple-black-dead-age-85-22458160"}