Shutdown cost U.S. economy $11 billion

The White House disputes that government estimate. ABC News' Serena Marshall reports.
2:10 | 01/29/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shutdown cost U.S. economy $11 billion
We turn to Washington in the White House disputing a new report that estimates the cost of the historic government shut down. At a stunning eleven billion dollars meanwhile as hundreds of thousands of federal employees finally get back to work. They're bracing for the possibility of yet another shot down. Over the president's push for a border wall. ABC street Marshall has the tea tails this morning Serena good morning. DNA Kennedy good morning to you and the government's been open less than a week and already that an assessment that what was lost is much greater than expected. Well this is another shut down blames in the coming weeks. Eleven billion dollars that's how much the US economy lost due to the 35 day shutdown. This sobering new estimate from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office much greater than expect dead. The White House though dismissed the reports there's certainly no no no permanent. Damage to the economy. But it wasn't just the economy this are repercussions the NTSB says critical evidence from twenty you accident may have been lost due to shut down. And the IRS telling congress it will take them twelve to eighteen months to respond to the five million pieces of unanswered mail. Come Thursday government workers will finally see paychecks deposited into their accounts. Reassuring for Kim went like Christine roles I am so grateful that this seems to be over for now. But concern lingers over if they will see repeats like turn my bills back onto I don't paint or go back and pay all these bills that I turned off. During the first on camera press briefing by the White House in 41 days another shutdown wasn't ruled out. He's the president really willing to go through another shut down if he can't get any money out of the Democrats for the border wall. This president doesn't want to go through another shutdown. That's not the goal the goal is border security. I'm protection and they American people. Lawmakers have just nineteen days to hammer out an agreement as Democrats remain insistence no money for new border barriers were none currently exists. As hope lingers for a new deal one thing that both sides have agreed on as a new date for that stated the union address and then set for February theft planet in our thanks Israel hear from the president. In just a week.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"The White House disputes that government estimate. ABC News' Serena Marshall reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60693986","title":"Shutdown cost U.S. economy $11 billion","url":"/WNN/video/shutdown-cost-us-economy-11-billion-60693986"}