First signs of summer

ABC News' Will Ganss reports on all the summer staples making a comeback after lockdown, and how they’ll look different this year.
2:34 | 06/17/20

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Hot dog. Silver's aides back. But Nathan's annual hot dog eating contest will taste a little different this year Joey chestnut and companies will compete with out dance in a private location. Five eaters at a time instead of the usual fifteen to comply with social distancing guidelines but let's be frank it just wouldn't be the fourth of July without it. Well that shaping up to be one of the first televised sporting events in a post in nineteen America New York governor Andrew Cuomo serving up this surprising announcement on Tuesday. The US open is going to be code in Queens August 31 to September 13 it will be held without fans. But. We can march it on TV but the rules of that tournament being met with some resistance by the sport's biggest players. They Kerio is calling the move selfish tweeting I'll get my Hazmat suit ready. And Serena Williams is coach saying the rule that only one person will be allowed in at least Claire will be tough and and he doubts the champion will want to quarantine away from her daughter for that long and the NBA laying out what pre season will look like beginning in early July players will all be staying at different hotels and Walt Disney World the mavs will be chilling at the grand Floridians the wizards at the yacht club and so on. While there there players will have access to practice courts weight and trading rooms. And a few other things barber is manicurist pedicure is an hair breeders' plus a 24 hour VIP concierge service. And special team outings to go boating fishing bowling golfing or to private restaurants and daily entertainment like DJ sets video games ping pong pool tables. And a movie screenings but don't worry you don't need to be the next LeBron to get back to the big screen for the rest of us. Regal movie theaters announcing plans to get some are back on track all 787. Of the company's theaters are expected to be up and running by July 10. Regal putting into place several new guidelines producing auditorium capacity down to 50% we're directed by the state putting two seats in between all groups has reservations are made and the concession stands will only have every other register open serving a limited menu for the time being. Luckily though popcorn still on that menu and just in time how's this for a lineup of summer blockbuster set to come out the next few weeks. Move line Wonder Woman 1984. Soul top gun maverick and a quiet place park TO others. Last 23 there actually. I'm really thought about those animals that clever the Disney movie because Disney the parent company of ABC thank you will.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss reports on all the summer staples making a comeback after lockdown, and how they’ll look different this year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71293665","title":"First signs of summer","url":"/WNN/video/signs-summer-71293665"}