Simon Cowell with Carmen Electra

The "X Factor" judge confirms that he is "seeing" Dennis Rodman's former wife.
4:03 | 12/21/12

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Transcript for Simon Cowell with Carmen Electra
It's time for this skinny and I think this is hilarious. Get it's all these little arguments on Twitter. While MySpace co-founder you remember who he is it's not Tom Anderson and he founded. You know MySpace that was how it really uses MySpace anymore but. He sent this tweet out today and he says people keep asking -- yesterday. So I'll just say -- fear over his grams terms changed his ridiculous. Get real folks friends that whole controversy in -- the privacy thing we heard about this when you write it up people upright -- -- that was best seller photos and answer thing. -- some guy -- -- tape BS says. MySpace -- says the guy that was not able to keep the says the guy that was not able to keep the social network alive. A rural to reload this low blow woman but -- -- Anderson says. The guy who sold MySpace in 2005 for 580 million dollars what you -- away hoping for a half day off. -- OK and and yeah. And tonight -- -- -- -- like Chris Rock is not that might and and that what happened. That -- just deleted his account that. You got -- got over the gotten yacht -- you -- that you got me in my doing it was not to get no response you know did. Seller provided a million dollars who can't hot now know that it is somewhere -- -- this is -- Now not. So -- this is just don't -- Start a fight you can't. Ridge Madison worked a lot of money away -- -- also lets me get a lot of money silent -- we -- know very rich man from all his TV success and what have you. But I didn't know who -- was dating and apparently he is with the one and only Carmen Electra is the -- Today he told Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday that they're not -- -- he says that she's not my girlfriend he says quote we're people who. Deeds so rumor started a few weeks ago -- to say November they were dating. Had she opened up on -- -- Access Hollywood -- says he's so cute. He's adorable it's actually -- sweetheart apparently they are seeing each other not exclusively but. I don't know -- -- -- had -- -- to get someone always -- Carolina has cute girls even Harmon. -- out of my money helps I guess is -- how she's never she still looks boom he's. And looking -- are you excited would have guessed that -- that I mean the money from the home or how are you like look. -- that -- -- that -- and they'll be rule. You don't mind. Not. -- other news. David Letterman -- -- I love David Letterman favoring you know just as the New York institution at this point what he opened up on CBS this morning. -- to Charley Rosen says he really hasn't they have battle with depression. Generally -- this is someone -- -- make so many other people happy he was has been. Pretty skeptical he says about taking depression medication. I'm -- isn't quite. Quite a battle here that -- dealing with but it's just terrific I think cities -- opened up about it because it's a battle that so many Americans have to -- -- people. Thank you refusing to see what he -- -- contracts over twenty -- you wonder if he will reopen all the changes potentially going on. In my David isn't it lot of comedians do have a darker side of the jovial funny person -- see on TV there actually is a lot going on underneath the. There is a little acidic kilometer I don't know the exact love good. So and lastly here of course -- -- style when -- the biggest hit of the year most watched YouTube video ever -- side to South Korean rapper now to show you how successful has that song has been. -- a one point 25 million dollar Condo in LA -- these men may not be allowed hot Hollywood. As she did no reported casualties we'll that'll accorsi all the way -- -- pet -- -- Condo in LA. -- loves America now.

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{"id":18033829,"title":"Simon Cowell with Carmen Electra","duration":"4:03","description":"The \"X Factor\" judge confirms that he is \"seeing\" Dennis Rodman's former wife.","url":"/WNN/video/simon-cowell-carmen-electra-18033829","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}