S'mores For National Ice Cream Month

ABC's Tina Trinh visits Milkmade Ice Cream, where the flavors of campfire s'mores are blended into summer's staple dessert.
3:06 | 07/22/15

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Transcript for S'mores For National Ice Cream Month
We're excited about this look at several of ice cream in the spotlight ever love some wars camp fires just to put these together down you get is one of the special flavors that are innovative ice cream shop here in New York City ABC's Tina trend takes a look. In this week's insomnia kitchen. Hey insomniacs happy nationalize FEMA three years enough meat tasty. In Brooklyn with Diana part and then he is there a little out there when it comes to I think they are not your typical chocolate Vanilla. Liver every. Accepting money. Laugh all fire. Oakland history act back. It would making today hey that's today making it more arc. Off for July. Torch marks now I. I can't it. Architects and prayers at covent happen and pick up. Hammer not mean there isn't and now at a check. Going acts. Teeth. He's back. We're going to add. Yeah we have to tell company ends earth. Can't just for a rank and hot liquid and then count could help it needs you. Please be our next in the east news torched murders. In order to get act. More is so it's you can. Marshmallows and would you just kind of like Milton now than it all and that's mark I'll really does line. We tested there are now yes it's ready. And this is them. This is toasted marshmallow that you just picked up the best part has the ends. And where does pack is heavy rain. And that we can and it turned and turning night. Right now. He captured and utilities and a Smart. Yummy and went eateries. Excellent thing if so much I think you know. The rocket thing that your love in this this is like changing nights could not just ice cream it's amazing OK we're vigilant go now though. I don't know from where it was probably to the end of this pint of ice cream and cook. Relievers routes that we've had a lot of food appears he's been killing mr. in the course of this is really good. Outing yet National Palace milk may tasting room we thank you for that the folks in Brooklyn they got a cool thing going here. You can actually get 830 the third Altamont that you be two pints of some new flavors you can actually be of oddly like memberships the gloves and with so much animals and we did that they've got lucky and spend an ice. Up the. But I think that so we're all detail here which are effectively trying to figure out that we were given this it sailed by him actually go down. When it's hot. That we got back to them stemming from the back on me.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh visits Milkmade Ice Cream, where the flavors of campfire s'mores are blended into summer's staple dessert.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32610881","title":"S'mores For National Ice Cream Month","url":"/WNN/video/smores-national-ice-cream-month-32610881"}