Solar Resurgence: Projects Built on Government Land

Solar zones built on public land have the potential to supply carbon free energy to millions.
2:33 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for Solar Resurgence: Projects Built on Government Land
Mess -- drought in the west they're praying for rape when he sixties with heed warnings or advisories. Record ice -- in the Arctic. That's a pace and it's been taken out of the hospital -- -- homes and personal. In Atlantic City looks like that and -- power and water absolutely. Everywhere. Reshaping the new Jersey -- -- recent extreme weather events are raising more questions about climate change. What's causing it who's most at risk and -- -- couldn't get it. Easy questions with not so easy answers. But there is one thing nearly every scientist to resolve climate change his manmade. Protect our future we need to reduce their greenhouse gases we're sending -- -- from our cars power plants and homeless. In response to that need an entirely new industry sees exploding. It's -- -- I actually think the media and wouldn't. Solar harnessing the sun's rays and converting it into electricians. Here in the Nevada and California desert massive solar projects are being built the first ever on government land. 2000 it and some big differences and so on something that look like it could be permanent and I wanted to make a difference. Mike Hatfield as one of the country's leading solar developers and the man behind many of these plants including -- -- energy project outside of Las Vegas. Goes to -- the major businesses hotels the casinos. Even Bellagio fountain even even -- slot machines you -- downtown. Here in the west a 100 mile by 100 miles solar installation could meet the entire country's energy needs. The government has yet to commit to anything of that size but has set aside enough land to supply solar power to seven million homes. Opponents argue solar is still too costly and there's no cheap way to store energy for when the sun isn't shining. If you could make solar panels cheaper and if you could salt storage. Then you could happen not just the technology that the US would use. But that everyone would -- despite those arguments there's been a 5000%. Increase in installation this year alone. And existing staff to pass along here to nationwide the solar industries created about a 120000. Jobs with the growth rate of about 13% so you're beginning to see kind of it take off slowly -- over a little bit slow but it's getting there it's getting there.

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{"id":18194525,"title":"Solar Resurgence: Projects Built on Government Land","duration":"2:33","description":"Solar zones built on public land have the potential to supply carbon free energy to millions.","url":"/WNN/video/solar-resurgence-projects-built-government-land-18194525","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}