Tony Soprano's Fate Still A Mystery

The show's creator, David Chase, discusses the controversial series finale.
3:29 | 08/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tony Soprano's Fate Still A Mystery
Any time -- human moment seven years ago cast the epic ending to The Sopranos when the screen much. A black -- today. Millie the fans are still wanted to know if mobster Tony Soprano is dead or alive well yesterday we thought we may have had an answer you -- Thought because a reporter from fox quoting series creator David Chase and I think Tony is not dead. The hours later -- -- rep said the quote was misconstrued adding that continuing to search the answer is. Fruitless -- -- fans well we're basically back where we started still not knowing for sure. If any and -- -- -- -- that -- -- taking -- what -- -- what happens and I -- you're ever going to get an -- decide how to interpret and yes we'll hopefully all children are in -- right now I would hope at this hour and they're not watching. That's right because we have learned that hello kitty. Does not pass what is that I can well here we go the curator -- up cartons did exhibit at a -- museums -- she was told hello kitty. It's a cartoon character a little girl -- a friend but you know she's not she's not a cat junior who walks off for us. Voicing a bear walks into exile locate him hunt deer lay -- comic caregivers -- -- on acclaim for his way back in 1974 and there are several museum retrospective planned as part of the fortieth anniversary. So the question here -- marketing services -- you might call this. Katie chaos scenario coming Mickey Mouse is not an actual maps is there is that it is slightly mascots and to advocate good point right good. It's probably not gonna come as a big surprise the terrorists was brand new single shake it off is -- -- number one on the billboard hot 100 charts and on iTunes. As a big thank you right now she is tweeting them scenes footage here for the video of her hands and doing you know I don't care. Showing up trying to fit in with us actually mental showing that here I have -- bush he says there's those exciting it is summertime and also the most physically demanding jobs -- Americans. How can now get that -- on giving those IA LS bucket challenges right one of our favorite videos -- one is being and just blown up on the primary now from. And the Italian -- -- fashion gonna tell Versace sitting down -- between a couple of troubles cabana boy is. Boy dominating me is this act dominating nominating -- dominant. That's their highest -- -- to -- -- nominating munitions morale and brands and that alone makes up resonant. And the lucky. Asked me Sunday from -- and. -- -- -- -- -- -- He's and we don't be too hard -- because she says AS -- that it may outlast. Maybe though she meant to say DSL which -- point this out forcefully -- -- American sign language so. She's so little -- -- on Q could you realize you mess up and they batter. Do you think a lot more action and attention when she Hussein or they were just looking at the eye candy on both sides dousing from the Grecian I think that's what you're watching an SNL going to totally giving -- equipment. When the -- -- -- -- like -- widgets like I learned this is ice. This is buckets and then challenge is something like -- -- up ice what is it I guess. Bucket and then and challenge. I think I might be doing is incorrect way this is -- -- creek appropriateness of this it's not what. People were telling everyone knew something maybe that we shouldn't be doing -- -- did not that we stand by.

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{"id":25156072,"title":"Tony Soprano's Fate Still A Mystery","duration":"3:29","description":"The show's creator, David Chase, discusses the controversial series finale.","url":"/WNN/video/sopranos-series-finale-shows-creator-david-chase-discusses-25156072","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}