Sound Like a Football Pro at a Super Bowl Party

Sports Radio talk show host gives tips to the non-sports fan.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for Sound Like a Football Pro at a Super Bowl Party
It is -- in the -- that football fans have been waiting for all year of course it's Super Bowl Sunday but sometimes non football fans like myself can feel a little left out of the fund but. There is hope Sports Radio host Jason page is nice enough to -- tell you there. Thank goodness OK so this is usually me at the Super Bowl party -- -- stuffing my face. Trying toe hold my own and had a conversation wise in the commercials watching the commercials -- No clue what to say about teens about the game so you gotta help me sound cool and knowledgeable -- first -- key players to keep an eye on and pizza wings haven't. I'm gonna try -- between how little I go for the seller in the L make fun of me back a -- Peyton Manning didn't on Denver obviously 55 touchdown passes during the regular season. He's going to win the most valuable player award. An amazing year for him at the -- of seven. For him to be doing what he's doing the state whose -- remarkable. On the other side for Seattle want to for Marshawn Lynch he's going to be -- if Seattle can run the football effectively -- these words and fresher breath. If -- -- lynch can run the ball effectively. That's gonna take time away from Peyton Manning in Denver having the -- law making it more difficult for them to school. It's very simple formula the longer Seattle as the football the last Denver has -- very lethal law. That's one of the -- want to look out for -- guys on each side of the ball. Got -- you know I shouldn't be eating actually taking note this is really help look at still. What is each team no reports one you know better offense -- better defense Denver's been outstanding offensively all season long. A juggernaut and offense very difficult to stop. And for Seattle. They stop the -- better than. -- -- throws the ball better than anybody it's the irresistible force. -- OK and then what about some other fun facts liking you know surprising phone with us we'll hey did you know. Marshawn Lynch doesn't like to talk to the median that's a Wheeler that's one of the things we learned this week Marshawn Lynch will not talk to the -- -- put a microphone problem. He doesn't like to talk to the media on the other hand they got a guy named Richard Sherman -- Seattle sixteen. Richard Sherman he loves to talk to the press. Guy never met a microphone -- and -- Those are couple -- guys to watch on these teams have won more real quick note cannot Percy harbinger Seattle. He's only played in about 37 or 38 snaps for this Seattle team this year he's been hurt much of the year if -- carbon can do a couple of things -- a couple of plays. That -- -- -- long way to get Seattle win here OK so what do you have a favorite that he -- gonna win that I have thought about this long and hard all week. -- people and asking me this on the radio I had to go with somebody. Only Seattle home -- Seattle -- Seattle. Accidental. And all of -- -- high school workers don't account you go live football business. There's your info was very helpful but I tell me to make -- picks I'm just gonna be a general did you -- -- molded my. I think he's all right I would still helpful when we come back we -- from around the helpful to heartwarming with the story of a young man who's having them fast Super Bowl experience as a kid could ever want. You're watching world news now. -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Sports Radio talk show host gives tips to the non-sports fan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22309538","title":"Sound Like a Football Pro at a Super Bowl Party","url":"/WNN/video/sound-football-pro-super-bowl-party-22309538"}