Special Performance With His Hands

A talented young man demonstrates "finger tutting," interpretive dancing using only one's hands.
3:01 | 09/16/15

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Transcript for Special Performance With His Hands
Okay so it is time for the mix and you know there are a lot of things that we can do with their fingers. Hello quiet this hour this go and might be appropriate but there's something called. Finger cutting. It's a dance moves Cuddy fingers typing fingers tightening its advancement of it at that this guy does it. To be done done done and apparently this is an actual art form and it's an actual thing heaven watching online tutorial on how to figure times. For the last twenty minutes and I still don't know. Much beyond the American people who were helping her title but a consensus figure cutting and received international tension after John had made a viral videos and. Fingers and to be so what does she tries to got the music play in our neighbors that's. Ritzy east supposedly start of the beginner like this and you move. On while. Seeing serious. That's battle that's what yeah. I can't can't you can't have a second minute trips here. You did very exciting for Dancing With The Stars I don't think you would even get up why it's harder path. I can't that would be your last performance. I am ashamed to burglaries of folks. You gonna work on it as we'd go on to the next one about a 140 year old woman who is take a look at her she's like the oldest street artist is what they're calling it. She the netter. She kind of bold move it bombs hurt how. At a 104 it's a secret guerrilla (%expletive) and they just. Do artful knitting around town it kind of bombed various little things with their nipping at Q that is really imagine how long it takes do that. And it looks like he started this when she was eighteen back. And she was born in 1910 in London and this group they're mainly over sixty but brace Brad we saw there earlier. She's that the big member of the oldest member who's lived for over half. Over a century. Look at this it's just remarkable magnitude. Through the war wars and knitting and clearly in an area where they get home economics text and even I guess it would not at. So this guy decided that he was gonna make a stamp from its rat which is an amazing amazing feat vis a host of the show crop how to marry. Everything so took him six months 15100 dollars. And he not only grew his own vegetables but. He made his old salt from the ocean milking a cow make cheese filled his old chicken. Grinding his own flour for the re cut back just wanted to go to the process NC. How difficult campaign I guess they were snow subway hereby. It's just make reservations. But it's impressive I wish to have the page. More news coming up.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"A talented young man demonstrates \"finger tutting,\" interpretive dancing using only one's hands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33792386","title":"Special Performance With His Hands","url":"/WNN/video/special-performance-hands-33792386"}